DAY 274

Soo I had really wanted to sleep in this morning, but the damn time difference got me up at 5 am! EEk, but even though I couldn't sleep I still wasn't energized what so ever, so I just had the laziest day doing well nothing but sit on my ass and eat. So I made oats, and loaded it up with ALLLL my toppings from home: coconut shreds, carob powder, berries, banana, tahini and drowned it in CANADIAN maple syrup :). Then I just sat around eating fresh cherries, and organizing all my photos from my travels. Then after a few hours, my family was STILL asleep, so I had an early lunch of some steamed sweet potatoes with bok choy, and I ate it with maple syrup and tahini... YUM. And because I decided to be productive I started working on doing the layout of my ebook, and actually got really into it, and ended up spending about 5 hours engulfed in it. I took breaks to chat with my family, give them hugs, and catch up with everyone. So my little brother has turned into a handsome young adult in the 10 months that I'd been gone. He got his braces off, learnt how to style his hair, grew even more, and is now a fully blown handsome young lad. And fucking talented too. He showed me some of the remixes he's been making on this program called Logic, and it's darn good, I asked if I could use it for my channel, and he said his music isn't ready yet, whatever that means haha. Anyways, I also tried to force him to try the dehydrated Durian I brought home from thailand, but after a wiff of it, he'd go no where near that haha. Then around 1, my mom and I head out to get some of my errands done. I bought so much, and am now officially not allowing myself to buy anything else! Well thats not true actually...I need a few more items ehhe. So I bought new runners, a proper roller that's actually stiff, then I also decided to go to Whole foods, and after having some veggie pizza from there, we hit the shops and got 3 more boxes of cereal heeh, Vanilla soy milk, and these vegan waffle cones... yum yum. Then, we went to the mall where I bought.....A NEW IPHONE6S FROM THE APPLE STORE AHHHH!!!! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED TO HAVEA PHONE THAT DOESN'T DIE AFTER 3 HOURS OF USE (LEGIT THOUGH) Then after getting home, we went to pick up my big brother from his place (since he sold his car and is buying a bike WOOT), and we went to our fav vegetarian restaurant... HEIRLOOM! But on the way my little bro ED drove... it's so wierd that he's old enough to drive... ah they grow up so fast! But man have to admit... he's not the best yet, but to be fair he's been at it for like a few weeks, so I'll give him a chance haha. I sucked for the first year, so he's doing much better than me lol.

We ordered so much and I ate lots of everything. Coconut pineapple curry, rice with tofu and veggies, avocado tacos, pita bread and hummus, a veggie burger, this chickpea quinoa salad dish, and soME vermicilli noodle lettuce wraps.

And during dinner, we had the first proper family sit down chat, and it was so lovely to hear about everyone's lives.  David had such interesting insights on future trends, and where technology is headed. And he also for the first time asked me about Thailands political structure, and economy. He asked me what it's major exports were and I couldn't even answer that after being in the country twice, so i quickly did some research on it and now I'm much more informed about Thailand. One of their major exports is rice which made me happy ahah.