DAY 302

Today was my last day in Boulder, and it started in just a magical way. So there are these rock structures about 40 mins out of Boulder called the Red Rocks, and they've basically built like an amphitheatre right between them, and they have the coolest concerts and live events there. And yesterday, Jackson was saying how he's working (he's a demo rep for a plantbased nutrition powder called SKOOP) tomorrow morning at an event called Yoga on the Rocks. So basically they teach a Yoga class outdoors surrounded by these majestic rocks. And when Kelsey and I heard, we were both so keen to go, but after looking the tickets were sold out! BUT... Kelsey is a resourceful gal and managed to find someone selling two tickets, so we bought them last night, and that's why I woke up at 5:20 today ahah.


I had some quick oats as per usual, then changed into my yoga swag, grabbed my mat, and some water, then met Kelsey. We drove to Red Rocks, and arrived around 6:45, 15 mins before the class started. But I guess I didn't realize how many people were going, because there were just rows and rows of parked cars, and this procession line of this sea of people walking towards the theatre. It was so cool to be by the rocks, and to feel their immense presence and energy. When I walked into the amphitheatre I couldn't believe how many people were there, it was just rows and rows of yoga mat filled steps with eager yogis ready to get their OM on.

We found some really great spots near the front, set up our mats, and waited for the class to begin. By the time the class started the sun was out in full force and it felt incredible to be doing yoga not in a studio, but outdoors with the sun on our backs and wind kissing our cheeks, and thus began the most incredible yoga class of my life. It's not that the postures and flow were anything spectacular in and of themselves. It was just a standard relaxing yoga flow, but the instructor and our setting were so wonderful. Our instructor was up at the front, and just talking us through the flow, and her words were all so calming and relaxing. She would remind us to stay present by just breathing, feeling one with our movements, and feeling the sun touching our skin. And just doing yoga with hundreds and hundreds of other people, surrounded by the red rocks, was just such a surreal and empowering experience. When the class came to an end, I remember the instructor ended by saying: give gratitude for all that you are, all that you aren't, and know that that is exactly as it should be.

And in that moment, lying on my back, palms facing towards the sky, I honestly started to tear up. I just felt so much contentment well up in me and just so much peace. Peace with myself, my flaws, my vulnerabilities, my "failures" (I like to call them learning opportunities ahah), where I'm at in my journey, and just peace with the world and others. It was a split second moment in time where everything stopped and I just felt peace and happiness in my heart. 

Then I heard the ruffle of people rolling up their mats, and chatting away which snapped me out of it, but I still right now, am holding remnants of that peace with me, and I'll continue to carry it with me for as long as I can. 


So after the yoga, Kelsey and I went back up to where all the tents were set up for SAMPLES. We found Jackson at the Skoop tent ahha, and tried a few of his samples, then we just made our rounds and LOADED up on so much vegan goodness.

I think we got like 40 bars in total ahah, we got these evo hemp bars, lara bars, luna bars, and this other wierd brand i'd never heard of. I also sampled so many cups of Kombucha, grabbed a few bags of Mary's crackers and some containers of hummus from HOPE. I tried caramel cashew milk from Silk (amazing), and also some vanilla almond yogurt. Everything was amazing, and we went to the car with a full tote bag of samples ahahah.

On the way back, we also stopped off at Whole foods, and I got some vanilla almond milk, some more cereal of course, and some other produce. Then I went home, had some cereal, and began packing.... 

It took basically the whole rest of the day for me to pack up my bike, do the laundry, clean up the living space, and pack the rest of my crap which I'd managed to splay all over my air bnb. Then I took a little snack break and ate a box of coconut date rolls, while watching Bonny's snapchat Q&A haah. I couldn't believe she picked mangoes over sriracha! SHEESH ahha. And by then I was just pretty pooped and ready for food. I just could not be bothered to cook anything really, so I just heated up some frozen veggies, made rice noodles, had some leftover hummus with toast, then finished the rest of my cereal for dessert.