DAY 303

IM IN THE CITY OF ANGELS! Woot! So I woke up around 8, did some final packing, cleaned up, ate up all the rest of the oats I had left, then played piano till my friend Kelsey arrived to pick me up. She is the kindest soul and offered to drive me to the Denver airport, and off we went. After saying bye to her, i approached the checkin counter nervously, unsure about how heavy my bike box was. If it was over 50 pounds id have to pay 150 USD, if it was under I'd only have to pay 25. It ended up being 39 ahah so I was totally fine :) the guy who checked me in was such a friendly guy. I asked him how to pronounce his name, since it was spelt like:waief, and asked where he was from. He said you pronounce it like: way, and that he's from Iraq. Then we had some interesting conversations about the culture differences, and before I left I told him to visit Vancouver! Ahah, then off I went through security, and arrived at my gate with heaps of time to spare. Ever since that time when I got the time wrong and made GRIFF and I miss our flight from Adelaide to Gold Coast, I've been just scarred and always triple check flight times and arrive absurdly early ahha. 

So the flight went smoothly, and after picking up my bags I raced to the pick up area keen as a bean to be reunited once again with one of my favourite humans on this spinning blue orb... BONNY! Lex, BONNY and Tim were meeting me and picking me up from the airport and I couldn't be more excited to see them all again!  It was wonderful to see lex again. I've always said that lex reminds me of an older version of GRIFF, he just seems to know everything and is such an intriguing fella. And this whole time I was also just overjoyed to be with BONNY again. I've missed her loving presence and just being around her and Tim lifts my spirits. We chatted the entire ride about American politics, life, and so much more. Then we also visited whole foods, and I got some cereal duh ahah, and we also picked up some dinner supplies. After getting back to their beautiful home, I finally got to meet the beautiful Kristen. I had the greatest time chatting with her and getting to know her. She has such an interesting story and has had so many incredible experiences. Then Bonny helped me put my bike together and we just got to chat for ages and catch up. I dont know what it is about her, but she just has such a grounding loving aura about her that just makes my heart smile. Kristen's sister Jeanette also came over for dinner, and I got to finally meet her! She's exactly what I thought she would be, hilarious, caring, and so down to earth. For dinner we just had a mexican feast of the most amazing beans, salsa, guac (which Bonny mixed mustard and maple syrup into), rice, corn tortillas, and cheese sauce.

Then I basically finished my box of cereal for dessert. While eating we had the most boisterous conversations about the ramen noodle party we're planning on throwing, as well as talking passionately about how we can't fathom that this flat earth movement is actually picking up some steam and even being considered. I mean it's just ridiculous. And I have to say Alex just has the funniest commentary, his statements and arguments are just so hilarious and out there. He's also probably the most educated person I know, he knows everything from how avocadoes began to the political system. But man, there's just so much going on at the house, it's so boisterous and fun, the energy kept me buzzed even though I was physically exhausted.  Then finally around 11, I headed to bed.