DAY 276

So today I was not a sloth, woah surprise surprise! ahahah. So I woke up, and actually did a bit of stretching and foam rolling on my new roller, before making some oats for me and my parents. Then off I went to the dentist for my first check up in way too long. They did a full cleaning, but found that one of my old fillings had actually come out some how, so I booked another appointment to get that done. Then they also took a few X-rays, and found my wisdom teeth hiding in the gums. So basically after much consultation with them, the conclusion they came to was just that, at some point in time, I'm gonna need to take them out.... yay.... after that I ran a few errands with my mom, and also stopped at Mountain Equipment Co-op to buy a new backpack and travel towel. We were just out and about so we picked up some more groceries, then I came home and cooked up a big rice and veggie meal. But dude.... it was so chilly today, like so not summer weather. I was not impressed with Vancouver. I was wearing my brothers hoodie, jeans, and a flipping toque to keep my head warm. And it's the middle of summer.... WTF. haha. Anyways, around 3, my best friend from Van (who I've been friends with for 13 years) came over and we just hung out and chatted like old times and I can't tell you how amazing it was. I just have so much love for her, and so much gratitude for everything she's helped me through. I mean she's been through it all with me, and has just ALWAYS supported and loved me. She seriously is just the greatest most loyal friend, and I will always be friends with her. Ahah, anyways, we just chatted, and I made her an epic bowl of cereal OF COURSE. Then we headed to dinner at this Mexican vegetarian restaurant and it was soooo tasty. Our friend Rachele joined us as well, and we all had a delish mexican fiestaaaa. I had a delish burrito with walnut meat, apple salsa, homemade vegan sour cream, beans, rice, and vegan cheese. I just told them all my stories from my travels, and talked their ears off for like 2 hours straight, but they didn't seem to mind ahah.

And after dinner, I was still pretty hungry so I made a big batch of rice, corn, and bok choy, and devoured that with sriracha and heaps of sweet chilli sauce and tahiniiiiiii!!! :D Then I had a few bowls of cereal of course, before going to bed. I was just knackered so an early night was definitely needed.