DAY 277

Today was actually the best day ever. So my moms been wanting to go to yoga for ages with me since she's too intimidated to go on her own, but I've been too tired the last few days, but this morning I finally decided I'd drag my ass out of bed and go with her ahha, and I'm so glad I did. It felt so good to STRETCH and it definitely helped loosen me up after all the cycling I've been doing. The teacher we had, Lauren, was also incredible, she kept giving me specific little critiques, and it helped my form so much. And at the end of the class, she said "take care of yourself, and take care of others" and I thought that was such a lovely momento to end on. After the class, we came home, showered, and I jetted off to the walk in clinic to get a doctor's note for a blood test. I've been wanting to get a blood test for ages just to see where I'm at to know, and today I finally got it done. So after an hour wait, I finally got in to see the doc, and oh man it was the best doctors visit of my life. So he came into the room like a breath of fresh air, just full of energy and smiles (not what I expected ahah). And after I expressed my desire to get a blood check, he asked me why, and I just said it was because I was vegan. And his response was so positive and encouraging. He was saying things like: wow that's awesome, good for you! 

Then I told him I haven't had one in over a year since i've been travelling overseas. And he asked me where I've been, and why I've been travelling. He then sort of chuckled and apologized at his inquisitiveness, explaining that he was just a curious person. 

And since I'm exactly the same, I didn't care at all, in fact I loved it. I loved that he just got straight to the point and asked the big questions, and skipped the small talk, which is quite fitting because of what comes next...

So after explaining my story of leaving uni, and being on social media etc.. he stops and says.. WAIT I think I recognize you, were you on TED?


And my mom chimes in saying: not yet! ahah

So turns out he mistook me for another young girl of asian descent who's done a ted talk on... skipping small talk! ahahah. He told me I should watch it, and took out his doctors note pad, and wrote out a note (doctors orders) to watch this ted talk.

Then I asked him for the pad, and wrote out a bunch of docus and books for him to look into regarding veganism. I also put down my instagram ahah. And when he took the paper, he said he'd actually seen a few of them, and was excited to look into the rest. Then we talked about how going against the grain instead of just following the current and society's path. He was saying how as a doctor, he feels like his entire life is mapped out for him, but he doesn't necessarily want to follow that path. I advised him to travel and follow his intuition. Anyways, after that delightful visit, I headed to the Medical Lab to get my blood drawn. At the lab, I chatted up the nurse who looked like she was really stressed and uptight. I made it my goal to make her smile, and by the end, she was laughing and chuckling right along with me. Then I went next door to wolf down some sushi, bought some groceries for dinner, came home, feasted on oats, edited, then waited for my beautiful friend Sophia to come over. Sophia is seriously one of those special gems that you so rarely stumble across. I've been friends with her since I was 8, and I've always known she was kinder, humbler, and more intelligent than I'll ever be. She's inquisitive, gentle, and oh so loving, and as suits the theme of today, she always always skips the small talk and goes straight to the big talk.

So she came over and we prepped the most wholesome meal of sweet potato veggie stir fry with JUICY juicy mushrooms, jasmine rice, corn, broccoli, and the most amazing sauces. We ate with my mom, and just chatted about big things, little things that are big things, and everything in between. We also watched the Small talk TED talk and all loved it. But oh man the star of the show was the dessert that we made.... So we created something beautiful. Something legendary that I dreamed up yesterday. But it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

So first we made a huge stack of banana pancakes with millet flour (Random I know), bananas, maple syrup, cinnamon, and soy milk. Sophia made the pancakes, as she is the master pancake maker ahah. Then we topped it with a donut she brought over from Cartems (she brought choc and salted caramel... YUM), then I made strawb banana ice cream, and to keep the two scoops stable and in line we put a tooth pick through them. And man that mighty little toothpick did a darn good job, the whole structure survived up until we devoured it. Anyways, we then placed a vanilla waffle cone on top, and drowned it in decadent dark chocolate sauce. Yup. It was hectic, and resembled the dessert version of the leaning tower of Pisa. We had so many laughs while taking photos of this beast, and after taking countless photos, we dug in. I can't say much besides that... it tasted as good as it looked. I ate mine with cereal of course, and after had a bit of a food coma. We laughed, and cheered each other on as we ate, sharing our techniques, and fav combos to eat it with. My mom tried a bit and agreed it was pretty spectacular. Afterwards, we just sat around rubbing our bellies and laughing quietly about nothing in particular.

Around 8, Sophia headed for home, and we sent her off with a few little goodies, then off I went to edit, write my blog, eat some more cereal and reply to emails. Then off I went to BED.