DAY 278

So now I remember why I dont eat chocolate.... the caffeine in chocolate just affects me so much more than most, and I was reminded of that last night. I stayed up till 2 am.... EEEK, ahahha so I slept in until 12 and just didn't do anything all morning. Then I got a message from my highschool friend Sophie. She went to Denmark for Uni, so I havent seen her in AGES, and she is one of the only people that I met in highschool that I actually feel like I can count as a genuine friend. Even when we were in highschool, we'd have the most deep and meaningful conversations, and I remember they were the only conversations where I actually felt understood. Oh and PS she's also vegan, hahah, but I'd love her even if she wasn't. So I messaged her when I woke up, and she said she was free so I just walked to her house and hunted her down ahahha. We talked for ages, and just caught up on everything that happened to us this year hahaha. She told me this past year was the happiest year of her life, and upon reflection, it was mine as well, and it made me so happy to hear that she was happy. She also found true love heeh, and I met this true love of hers, as well, he came over to Vancouver with her, and he's a cheeky sarcastic lil Danish fella, but I can tell he loves her oh so much. Then we went outsides since it was such a sunny day and walked around to my walk in clinic where I went to see my doc about my blood test results. Sophie waited for me, during my appointment and I was pleasantly surprised when I found it was the same Doc as yesterday. We had some more awesome chats about life, and veganism, and he told me he's been making a conscious effort to eat healthier these last few days which is awesome! He also told me I was the PICTURE of health ahaha, my B12, iron, RBC, thyroid, blood sugar and allllll that jazz was all in tip top form, yay! And after a quick chat (doctors are busy busy people) I went back out to meet Sophie, and we walked some more before finding a nice grassy area to sit. Around 3, we parted ways, and I met my brother at the bike shop to help him buy a bike, but as he is now aware of, buying a bike is much more involved than just finding one that has a nice color and forking over the cash. After looking at a few and test riding them, he decided he wanted to look at some more shops and I agreed to go with him. But first, we met my mom and little brother for dinner at our fav sushi restaurant. I ordered what I thought would be a lot, but all the rolls were just puny. So I got a cucumber, avo, pickled radish rolls, spinach gomae, miso soup, mushroom nigri, asparagus nigri, corn nigri, and edamamme beans. I honestly just loved spending time with all of them and we just had the best conversations about books, the future, our futures, LA (they're going as well), technology and other random stuff.

TBH I've just really enjoyed spending time with my fam. I didn't realize how much I missed just being in their simple presence and it's definitely been an amazing week just being around these people whom I love unconditionallyl. THEN I came home, had oats and a few bowls of cereal, talked to Bonny on the phone, edited a tad, then went to BED. Good night world.