DAY 279

Woke up to more rain.... lovely, what a sunny sunny summer we're having (sarcasm). But anyways, I didn't mind all that much since I was just having another lazy lazy day. But while snapping my friend Jesse he motivated me to at least unpack my bike from my bike box. So I woke up, had oats, then put some tunes on while building my bike back up. But while doing so, I realized I was missing one pesky little spring for my front skewer, so after my mom got back, my little brother (who wanted to practice driving) drove me to the bike store so I could pick up that part and an extra derailleur hanger. Then we just grabbed some sushi on the go, and I went downtown to meet a local photographer in Vancouver that I wanted to collaborate with. Then after getting back my friend from uni Angela (WHO'S VEGAN) picked me up to head to a super sweet welcome back dinner that some of my vegan friends here in Van organized for me, and it was so lovely to see them all. One of my friends from highschool were there as well which was so unexpected ahah. But oh man.. we also went to the most AMAZING restaurant called 3G vegetarian, which is a chinese/dimsun restaurant, and fuck I just went to TOWN I had my weightin steamed buns (seseme, red bean, taro, lotus root), dumplings (shrimp, chicken, spinach), "shrimp" wontons, BBQ pork buns, chow mein, singapore curry noodles, and so much more.

Then I came home and finished a loaf of fig and star anise sour dough toasted with tahini, jam, and bananas. I ate that while watching a movie with my mama. Then I went to bed around 11 and got ready for another lazy day tomorrow :P