DAY 280

So today I woke up REALLY early, and helped my mom pack, do some laundry, and just get ready for their impending China trip. My mom, dad, and lil bro are all going to China tomorrow Morning :( So I'm just trying to soak up all their wonderful vibes as much as possible before they leave. So today was pretty busy with errands. So after eating oats, my mom and I left to go to the book store to pick up a few items for our relatives back home, and to buy myself a new journal and phone case :) Then I bought some trail runners so that I can bring on my travels for hiking and what not eheh. Next I headed to the dentist to get a filling, and I asked them not to use anesthetics, so I expected it to be painful AF, but I honestly barely felt it which was a pleasant surprise hehe.

After that we perused a few stores and bought some other random bits and pieces for our relatives in the mall (UGH hate malls ahah), and then went home to have a lunch of okinawan sweet potatoes, tahini and maple syrup (my fav combo ever). Then I spent the rest of the arvo editing, and trying to get my eBook all sorted out. I snacked on the sweetest dragon fruit and plums while working. And for dinner, I had a heap of steamed bok choy with other veggies and ketchup, lots of jasmine rice, taro, and sauces NOM. I watched the documentary The Truce Cost, while eating with my mamma and it blewwwww my mind. I am definitely going to think about my consumeristic behaviour much more. So while watching it I finished another loaf of fig sourdough with tahini, jam, fruit and cinnamon, and it was delicious, crunchy, creamy and sweet.

Then right before bed, I checked my email, and got the sweetest email from my incredible friend Lily. Its seriously the type of email that humbles and honours you beyond belief, that such a beuatiful kind human being would be friends with you. I am one blessed gal. Truly, even just watching the documentary tonight made me realize how profoundly lucky I am to simply be born in a developed country. My life is so drastically different to those living in places like Bangladash, India, Myanmar etc...