DAY 281

TODAY WAS A WONDERFUL DAY. It started on a bittersweet note. My parents and lil bro left for China this morning. And after seeing them off, I came back in, and literally sat by the portable heater... IT'S JUST SO COLD RIGHT NOW AHAH. Anyways, I really wanted nice cream, but all I could make was oatmeal because I was way too chilly for anything cold. Then just spent the morning and day cleaning the house, and jamming to some tunes. Then after having a loaf of bread with pb and j for lunch, I got ready for my potluck/meetup tonight! First I just made a heap of sweet potatoes (purple ones ehhe) for the potluck, then I changed out of my PJ's lol and got pumped to meet everyone who was coming, and to feast on all the delicious goodies that people bring. I bussed to the park, and eventually all the ppl coming to the meetup started trickling in. So the meet up was actually one of the best nights of my life.

I was just on a high the entire night. Over 50 people showed up and I got to hug and make so any new friends it was just surreal. The amount of love and support I felt just almost made me tear up and hearing so many people say such humbling kind things to me just made my heart swell with gratitude. There were a few girls that just made me shake my head in disbelief. I just couldn't believe how impactful my lil ole YouTube videos were on there lives it was just overwhelming. I got to hear so many stories and meet the most eclectic unique bunch of individuals. There were girls, guys, moms, daughters, lawyers, Uni students, high school students, travellers, cyclists, poets, painters, figure skaters and more. Two gals I met were ice dancers and I just found that so intriguing since I used to be obsessed with ice dancing. I was just so busy talking, taking photos with people, answering questions, and hugging people that I didn't get to eat as much as I would have wanted 😂 that's my only regret and it's a small one since I still got yo feast on the most amazing junky food ahah. I swear the theme of this night was rice Krispy treats and brownies. There were like 6 trays of rice Krispy treats ahah. Some with peanuts, some with chocolate on top and others with dried fruit. I also had the most amazing cinnamon scroll, cookies and all sorts of muffins and loaves. There was also sushi, pasta, ravioli, bread, fried rice, stuffed mushrooms, Korean noodles, pad Thai, pita bread with hummus, toast with chipotle mayo, and so much more. One of the guys chance also brought a few boxes of blueberries all the way from his home in Vancouver island and they were the sweetest juiciest berries ever.

That's another thing is I can't believe how many people commuted multiple hours just to make this meetup. One of the gals was even from Boston and just happened to be here for her bros lacrosse tournament so it was perfect timing. But the most enriching part of the night was just hearing people's words of how much I've inspired or helped them. When I was bussing home and reflecting t actually made me cry. It just makes all the doubt and hardwork worth it. And esp since being home I've had to answer to my parents constant jabs at me not being in Uni and just "wasting" my time "playing and travelling" but tonight just reminded me that I am in fact helping ppl and making a difference. Then omg the craziest thing happened on the bus. Right before I got off my bus to switch to the next one. A lovely white haired old lady came up to me and started saying: omg I can't believe it's you Steph. 

And in my head I was thinking surely she can't follow me in Instagram. I guess I just unfairly assumed that she was too old to be with the times enough to be on Insta and YouTube. But then she was asking me a question so I came back to earth and heard her asking what stop I was getting off at. I said the next one, and she was saying oh you bitch, really? No you butch, I can't believe it's you. And I was so shocked that she was using that language I didn't really reply AHAHHA just looked at her with a twinkle of laughter in my eye since she was clearly saying those things lightheartedly and as a joke. But right then it was my stop and so I got off and she got off with me to keep chatting. And that's when I finally woke from my shock enough to ask where she knew me from, and she replied saying: why from social media of course!

I just started laughing and gave her a hug, and asked for her name. So turns out her name is Barb, and she was over in that area of the city to visit her grandkids. She just chuckled and cuddled me and I was just so in love with her free spirit. She was a grandma but everything about her from her mannerisms to the way she talked made me feel like she was my age. So she walked me to my bus stop, then we just sat and chatted until my bus came. Meeting her was just the cherry on top of the icing, on top of the cake, which was tonight. I felt like the universe was just telling me that I am making a difference in this world, and that there are real live ppl out there that do watch my videos, and do get inspiration from them. But anyways, after I got home, I had a loaf of bread and some sweet potatoes since I didn't really eat enough, then read the sweetest handwritten letter that one of the girls from tonight wrote for me.  What a beautiful crazy amazing day!