DAY 304

So today was really my first real full day here in LA and I freaking loved it. I am just so grateful that my friends Lex and Kristen invited me to stay with them in their incredible home here with Bonny and Tim. It's truly the most incredible, modern house I've ever stayed in, and it's just a house full of wonderful people with wonderful energy and intentions. So this morning Tim took me out for a little tour of the local hills on our bikes. And it's crazy how much easier it was to breathe while riding here at sea level. Even just my measley like 2 and a half weeks at altitude, I could feel a difference returning to sea level. It was such an amazing ride though, I loved just riding with Tim and being around him again, he's one of my all time favorite people ahah and it felt so wonderful to be with a familiar friend again.

He just told me all about his time in Maui, and LA, and we chatted about how everyone has different personality quarks, and it's all about learning how to interact with different people with different backgrounds and upbringings. We talked about how everyone has their selfish sides, everyone has their flaws, it's just rare that people are transparent about them, or show them until you really get to know them, and that part of loving and accepting people is accepting and embracing those traits as well. We talked about the languages of love, and the concept of people as either: givers, matchers or takers. And besides that, the ride itself was just in the residential neighbourhood where we're staying but we are living right on top of a hill so there tons of short little climbs for us to explore, and all the houses around here are mad. So modern, so beautiful and so BIG. I still dont really think it's sunk in that I'm here in LA, like riding around Beverly hills, on sunset boulevard, surrounded by palm trees, Tesla's and arid dessert vegetation, but I'm sure it will eventually ahha.

Then when we got home, I poked my head into Bonny's room to say hi, and she was doing a little home workout, so we joined her, and laughed our asses off at how hard it actually was. The youtube video she was watching had the most encouraging girl doing the workout with us and she was just talking non-stop, telling us to: feel the burn, use those glutes, etc.... haha. I was laughing most of the time, so didn't really get much of a workout, but it was fun to be just pissing around doing it with them. And around then... it was cereal o'clock, so had a few bowls of that, showered, and got my day started. I watched a few HILARIOUS videos with Bonny, edited a video, had some beans, salsa, guac and rice for lunch, then we went to heaps of asian markets to go food hunting hehe. I got the coolest fucking wierd asian goodies that we're all gonna try in a video soon eheh.

Kristen stayed home since her friend Ashely was coming over to stay with them so she wanted to welcome her, and so we all went on a market adventure. It was just so much fun I loved it, the car ride was long and would have been boring BUT we just had the best conversations. I actually just love Alex so much, he's honestly the smartest person I've ever met, he honestly knows everything, he's akin to a walking encyclopedia. And every other thing he says I react by saying: omg no way, I didn't know that. ahha It's like getting an education being stuck in traffic with him I swear. He said something that was so intelligent, he said if you want to learn a language, you should learn how to say: "how do i say this" in the language you want to learn. That way, you have the key to learning a language. At one of the Korean markets we went to, I asked a group of teens for directions, and after I thanked them, we heard a ruckus from behind and one of the girls just kind of making exclamations. So after we went to the Korean market, and shopped there for ages, we came back out, and there she was. She went right up to Bonny and said she was a huge fan and would love a photo, HOW COOL IS THAT! 

Then right about then, I realized that I needed to pee so fucking bad, so Lex said that we could stop at this vegan restaurant in the area that he's always wanted to try called: The Grain Cafe. And when we pulled up it was situated right in the heart of, well, the ghetto, and looked a tiny bit dodgy. It was right next to some random Laundromat, but man it was the COOLEST cheapest vegan place EVER. They ended up making Lex this custom vegan no oil burger burrito, and I got chatting with the girl who was serving me. Her name was Danielle, she was from Brazil and moved here 11 years ago. And she's been vegan for SIX years. We got chatting on travel, life, and she was just the sweetest person. She also told me that the owners are really passionate vegans, woot woot!

I love finding these super underrated gems. And most of the customers just didn't look like the crowd you'd find at a typical vegan restaurant here in LA which I loved, it was so diverse and ecclectic. This one guy came in saying he had an upset stomach and wanted a drink to help, and I just started chatting with him, and told him about what Kombucha was and that he should try elimating dairy ahah. I was totally in my element just chatting up all these random people. Then finally we had to leave because we were running late for dinner at Channi (this indian restaurant) with one of their vegan friends called Taryn. I've been following Taryn on instagram and seen all her amazing vegan shirts everywhere so it was just incredible to meet her! She also gave us a swag bag of some of her rad shirts which was so so kind of her. I just basically interrogated her (lol) and heard all about her life's story, and man she just exudes beauty and laughter. She loved my sarcastic humour and actually appreciated it unlike many Americans I've encountered ahahha, then Kristen and Ashely arrived too, and I got to finally meet Ashely. She's staying with Kristen and Lex at their house too, so after we went home I got to hear more about her and just get to know her. Ashley is also just such an elegant graceful humble beautiful gal. Man everyone I've met here has just been incredible. 

Oh yea, and dinner was fucking amazing. I feasted on so much indian food it was amazing. We got papadoms, roti bread, so much dahl, channa masala, potato cauliflower dishes, and more. It was honestly the best indian food i've ever had.

Then we came home, I had a few bowls of cereal, and around 11, I went to BED.