DAY 314

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Today was a FULL on day! So I woke up around 8, and after just browsing around on my laptop for an hour, Bonny and I did like a 15 minute youtube workout which was pretty darn tough since I'm not used to doing that kinda stuff. Then because we were on a strict time schedule, I hurriedly made buckwheat porridge, showered, and changed. Then after lots of "hurry up guys" and "come on we're late" statements from Alex, we all hecticly hopped in the car and off we went to start our full day adventure. First we dropped Kristin off at her dentist appmt, then we dropped Bonny off at her hair appmt, and Tim, Alex and I explored the most posh grocery store in Beverly hills called Erwan (or something along those lines ahah). everyone in that store was dressed in their jet black workout clothes, buying their paleo shit. And by the time Alex got his ciabatta bread and we finished checking out all the artisan vegan cheeses that we'd never actually buy, we picked Kristin up in Bev hills and I jumped out of the car since I was meeting my bros at this bakery they wanted to check out in Bev hills. 


    I got to the bakery early and just bought some lunch. I literally just bought two whole French baguettes and a strawberry banana smoothie and it was tasty af. And while I was waiting for my brothers, a friendly white haired man in a suit sat down beside me. And so we just started chatting. I actually ended up talking to him for almost an hour, he was such a kind interesting fellow and we covered all sorts of different topics. And when my brothers showed up they just chuckled at the fact that I had of course started a conversation with a stranger cuz I always do that and they're used to my strange ways ahha. They both ordered and got to meet bob as well before he returned to work. It was wonderful seeing my bros one last time before they left to fly back home. Edward just loved LA which is good cuz he wants to go to USC. David wasn't the biggest fan and said he didn't like how sprawled out it was, but then again it's just so different to see LA as a tourist. I feel like I've been so lucky since I feel as if I've gotten to see it somewhat like a local just since I'm staying with Kristin and Alex, and it's just made me slowly fall in love with LA. After chatting with them till just after 2, I caught a bus back to where the rest of the gang were over in melrose. They went to inaka for lunch so I just headed there thinking they'd still be eating.


The bus driver was the nicest young man, he flashed a beautiful smile and just charged me a dollar which is the student fare, despite the fact that I'm not exactly a student anymore... Ahha woooops, and after 40 mins on the bus I was thirsty af and needed to pee like crazy. Story of my life. Seriously.


    But when I got there I realized the restaurant was now closed till dinner time, so obviously they weren't there anymore, and I don't have data or a SIM card of anything so they had no way of contacting me to tell me where they weren't I obviously had no way of contacting them either. So after a moment of panic, I realized I just needed to go on wifi and find a wifi name in the area that's the name of a restaurant in this area, so after I looked through the wifi names and then walked around the block I found a place called tinga with customer wifi. So I went in bought a fucking 6 dollar bottle of water, connected to the wifi, fb called Bonny, and went back to inaka where they picked me up after about 15 mins. So hectic ahaha.


    After they picked me up we headed to the grove to get some soft serve from pressed Juicery. We got the chocolate one with granola and berries, and it was pretty darn delicious. After chilling out there for awhile we headed on our Hollywood sign adventure. The road that we got on was windy as fuck, and pretty busy with cars. We were talking about how much it would have sucked to live on this hill because so many tourists like us come up to see the sign. Lex dropped us off at the end of the road, then drove back to where the parking was, and we started the hike up to the sign. It honestly took way longer than we thought it would be, it probably took close to an hour to get to the top, and we had to just ignore heaps of signs that said: trespassing, private property, and all sorts of other ominous messages. While we were all standing in front of this chained off path, contemplating whether or not to just risk it and ignore the sign. And right as we were doing so someone walked by us and said: if u wanna get to the Hollywood sign just take this path all the way up.


We thanked him for the reassurance and got chatting with him. So we eventually found out that he actually lived in one of the like mansions on the hill. He was saying that a few years ago, so many tourists were driving their cars up to the sign that he couldn't even get out of his driveway. But now the locals that live there have put up those trespassing signs which has deterred all but the most keen beans (us haha). We also overheard someone saying that it was very illegal to fly drones in the Hollywood sign park. Apparently the police come asap and u get slapped with hefty fines. So after we got to the top of the trail to the point where we were on top of the sign, Tim and lex went down this more obscure dirt hiking trail so they could get far away from the sign and other people to find an isolated spot to fly the drone. We heard later that after they flew it, they saw helicopters circling the vicinity and were scared they were after them so they hid then sprinted back to the car ahah. While they were doing that, we took heaps of photos which was honestly so much more difficult than we could have ever predicted. There was a professional team there taking some modelling shoot so they were always in the way of our shot, we were also fighting against the lighting and wind which just splayed our hair all over the place. By the time we finished our shots it was around 7, so we started the long hike down. The guys met us with the car halfway down and picked us up to go to dinner at Rahel, this all vegan ETHIOPIAN PLACE. Just btw Ethiopian is my favourite cuisine like ever. I love everything about it, the social aspect of how it's very based on sharing, using your hands, and sampling different flavours and dishes. But mostly I just love the food, the injera is like my fav thing ever. It's basically just sourdough spongey wrap, and it's eaten with the most flavourful dahls, potatoes and veggie curries. JEANETTE also met us at the restaurant and joined our feast. Oh ps the entire feast was practically oil free. I ended up finishing up the last of our feast since everyone else was stuffed, and the second I polished off the last of the injera I regretted it. My shorts felt like the button was gonna pop off ahahah. It was already past 10 by the time we all finished, so after paying, driving home, and getting ready for bed it was close to midnight. And now I'm off to BED. <3