DAY 315

Today was just the best stress free day. Slept in, ate lots of delist food at home (porridge and rice with veg), just chilled all day until Taryn came and took me and Bonny on the most epic food adventure. So basically it was the best night of vegan junk food ever. First we went to by Chloe, and I've been wanting to try it since I've heard about it. I first heard about this vegan chef Chloe when I watched cupcake wars like ages ago ahah, she was the vegan baker who actually won that episode against non vegan cupcakes and since then I've followed her and loved her ever since. We got seriously the best vegan junk food ever. So what followed was junk food heaven, we got a guac burger, a meatball sub, yam and potato fries, the best beer ketchup and chipotle aioli, Mac and cheese with shiitake bacon, and this quinoa taco cream sauce bowl. Like just legit the best food I've ever had.

Next we went to yoga urt where jasmine, Chris, Amanda and Claire met us. And dude it was legit the best fro yo of my life. I tried all the samples and my fav was the strawberry and fruity greens one. I topped mine with mochi, berries, and had it in a huge vanilla waffle cone and just went to fro yo bliss.

It was so refreshing and such a nice contrast to the super creamy fatty meal at By Chloe! And it was so rad seeing the rest of the gang. But... our food adventures weren't over... hehe, next we went to DONUT FRIEND to end the night with a bang. And the entire car ride to this place, Taryn was just telling us about how epic their donuts are. They have 20 flavours and they're ALL fucking vegan. Seriously guys, #veganisthenewnorm. When we got there we honestly spent like 20 minutes trying to decide which flavours to get, so we ended up just getting 4 and sharing it between the 3 of us haahha.

We are such vegan junk foodies, but I love it. We got the most insane strawberry and cream one, a maple glaze coconut bacon one, this choc glazed donut with cookie butter stuffed inside (yup, cookie butter), and finally a custard filled choc donut which just made my life. The vanilla custard was like soft pillows of silky pudding goodness. So with that, our epic food craw came to an end. 


And as fucking amazing as all the food was, the best part about all our adventures is that it was good food eaten with GOOD company. Better than good. Just the best. While we were driving from place to place, and just while eating, Bonny and I really got to know Taryn, and she is one of the most contagiously positive, inspiring vivacious humans ever. I know I say this a lot, but she is just one special person, and I feel so blessed to have gained another friend. She is also one of the very few people that I have met who just have no grievances with food what so ever. Her relationship with food is just one of love and enjoyment. She just lives her life, eats vegan, eats healthy when she feels, and eats 4 donuts in a sitting as well when she pleases and it's just so refreshing to be around someone like her. It just inspires me so much more to just keep working on my relationship with food. I'm pretty much there, and I feel no guilt with eating whatever the fuck I want, and that's me 99% of the time, but I definitely will still have my moments at times, and Taryn is definitely going to be someone that I look up to from now on. Her gutsy entrepreneurial spirit and success is also massively motivating to me and fuelling my own entrepreneurial flame. It was also so wonderful to hang out with Jasmine, Chris, Amanda and Claire again. Jasmine and Chris are just both the kindest sweetest couple, and seeing them together just warmed my heart. 


And on the car ride home, we played the funnest game (well I see it as a game ahha) where we tried to name all 50 states in the US. Bonny and I together got to 40, then with Claire and Taryn's help we managed to get to 46. But finally after struggling and trying to think of the last 4, we caved in and googled it. We were missing Nebraska, W Virginia, Wisconsin and Maryland. And when we got home, Jeanette was there, and she brought over Corn flakes for me, so of course I had to have a few bowls of cereal :P


And with that, it is now 11, and I am signing out for the night and off to dreamland. good night folks.