DAY 316

Today was a much needed chill day at the house. After waking up around 8:30, Jeanette came over and after just lazing around and waiting for the gang to get up, Lex, Tim, Jeanette and I went for a 5 km hike/jog. It honestly wasn't all that hard it was just SO FLIPPING HOT OUT. But man it was beautiful. After we got to the top, there was a stretch where we were just jogging along the ridge of the mountain and it gave us this beautiful exposed 360 degree view of the hills of LA on one side, and then the coast line and city on the other. There was a nice ocean breeze as well that was so refreshing. Tim and I eventually split off from Jeanette and Lex since we were going at different paces, and eventually met back up at the car. I was so dehydrated and hot by the time we made it back, and was just thinking about cold ice water gushing down my throat. When we made it back, I had a shower, drank so much water, then had a few bowls of cereal. And after that I spent the rest of the day just grazing on food, and starting and finishing my food vlog from yesterday night. I kept getting distracted and taking breaks so it basically took until 4pm for me to finish it, but I was so glad that I did, it's been a week since I last uploaded and it feels good to finally get another one out. Then I stayed home, had dinner and called my mom while the guys went out to watch a movie at the theatre. I think they went to watch Sausage party lol. Kristen and Bonny wanted to grab some stuff at Whole foods, and when they came back Bonny surprised me by buying me some of my fav Puffins cinnamon cereal. She is the best friend in the history of friends.

I had heaps of cereal and oats while watching a movie with the gals! We watched Mrs. Doubtfire on the projector, and got through half of it before calling it a night around 11. I'd never seen the movie and I was just pissing myself laughing I loved it so much ahah. And it's with a rested body and mind that I now go to bed at 11:30, good night world.