DAY 317

Today was a seemingly average day in terms of what we physically did, but I just had the best day, just because well, it was sunny, I spent it with lovely people, I laughed, made others laugh, and I just lived my life.


So we all slept in, went to the farmers market, had the best plums of my life, and walked around the market. Bonny told me all about her dogs, and her brothers love for his dog, and it was such a heart warming story. Then from there we went to Whole Foods and did a huge shopping haul. We thought we were gonna have guests over, and later the date was changed, but because of that we bought all these cool ingredients for like toasted ravioli, cheesy bread, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Then we stopped off at the co-op to pick up some Myoko's mozzerella cheese (vegan of c) to put on our bread, and what not, as well as some Rejuvalak ( I think that's how you spell it). Tim got some muffins, Kristin picked up some food she ordered from A Votre Sante, and finally around 1 we made it back home.


But even though this was just us going out and getting groceries, it was such a fun experience, we had so many inside jokes that honestly every occurence can be funny. So for example, in Whole Foods, Kristin was just holding way too much stuff, and accidentally dropped this glass jar of roasted peppers right by Bonny's foot and she almost crippled Bonny for the second time, and it was such a close call that it just cracked us all up. Then when we went to the co-op to pick up our Rejuvalack (rejuvalak is basically this fermented probiotic drink that Kristin drinks everyday, but it tastes and smells like cat piss, and Lex just HATES it. But Bonny's been wanting Tim to give it a go for awhile to see if it will help his gut health, so she was egging him on to get a few to try for a week. But Tim was complaining about how it'd be like 15 dollars and so expensive, then two seconds later, they walk to the bakery section, and Tim picks up two mini packets of pumpkin muffins and goes: these are $10 I'm going to buy them k?

It was just funny in the moment, and we were all chuckling at where his priorities were ahah. 

And also when we were in the parking lot to pick up Kristin's lunch, we realized there were absolutely zero spots open, and Tim goes: It's packed, in a southern accent. And it's just this ridiculous dumb but hilarious inside joke, that started between Tim and Jeanette, where they were talking about the awful traffic jam and saying it's packed in a southern accent. So everytime we say that now, we say it in a Southern accent and just laugh after it. And then just to top it off, Kristin decides to just confidently park in the middle of the lot, and put the hazard lights on while she runs in to pick up her order, and Bonny, Tim and I were just in the car laughing at her running across the lot explaining to the valet driver there that she was just running in to pick up her tostada. 


After we got home, we all quickly had some food, before Lex would shout at us ahahha, cuz he was in major cleaning mode since people were coming over to shoot a video at their house at 3. 


And after just chilling out in our own rooms for a few hours while they filmed in the house, we all came together and made dinner. We cooked up an epic feast of cheesy garlic bread (with myokos mozzerella cheese), pizza bread, a bean dish, rice, a huge salad, and TOASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH RAVIOLI. 


While we were all prepping dinner, Jeanette came over too and joined the fun. So Kristin is slightly intolerant to nightshade foods, but she was having some pizza bread with sliced tomatoes tonight, and we all joked that she was getting friskayyyy ahha. And Jeanette was like: OOH someone alert the cops. 

And I know it sounds like a lame joke, but in the moment it was just hilarious. Kristin also made her usual sparkling water cranberry juice concoction and we were just joking around that it's like her cocktail hour. And I really dont remember all the other jokes, but doing anything with this gang is just always hilarious and full of laughter.


All 6 of us sat down to dinner together and it was one of the best home cooked meals I've ever had.The pizza bread and cheesy garlic bread was seriously the best thing ever, and just all our usual corn tortilla, bean, rice, veggie tacos with sauce were amazing as usual. But bro, the toasted butternut squash ravioli with pizza sauce was the winner. Crunchy, sweet, and soft inside. And omg, the dinner conversation was the best thing ever.

As always whenever Jeanette's here it's always a riot, and we were all laughing our asses off over nothing in particular. Then while we were talking about police brutality, Kristin just randomly chimes in saying: I was arrested once. 

And it was just so unexpected coming from Kristin, that after a pause of silence we all started bursting out laughing. So apparently she was arrested because she parked in the Handicapp parking spot, and that made us laugh even harder because it's just the most tame petty crime in the history of petty crimes ahahhaha. Then she told us that, she tried to argue with the cops and convince them that she was handicapped AHAH, but they just booked her and put her in a holding cell, and confiscated her fake ID which is what she was most upset about LOL. Oh man, that story just had us all in stitches. And after dinner, I had a few bowls of cereal before heading outside.


Then because it was such a clear warm night we all hung out outside and star gazed. Then lex brought out his HUGE telescope and we all got to learn how to use the telescope and see saturns rings. It was so flipping cool.


I dont know if any of those descriptions of my day are even the least bit funny to anyone else but me, but what I'm trying to say is that, my day was just hilarious, and extraordinary even though to anyone else, what we did today could have seemed just average and ordinary. One of the best days of my life.