DAY 318

Today was full of happy moments.

Went for a short little cruise with Tim.

Went to Trader Joes and bought so much delicious vegan snacks.

Heard the funniest joke that Taryn's mom made up: The reason guys are slower than girls is because they're missing a leg. (referring to the X, Y chromosome structure of our genes hehe)

Filmed a hilarious video with Bonny, Lex, and Taryn.

had the best cookie ice cream sandwich of my life (cookie butter cookie with cookie butter, chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and another cookie butter cookie)

Realized I needed Iodine in my diet.

Then also realized I was already getting it from all the iodized salt in the processed foods I eat (cereal), WIN.

Had more pizza bread for dinner, and feasted on Gorilla munch marshmallow treats. YUM.

Then had some cereal.

And off I went to bed at 10.