DAY 320

Today was the most magical of magical days. It was spent at Disneyland with Bonny, Tim and Taryn. I woke up bright and early around 5 to the most beautiful sunrise, had oats and a choc cupcake, and helped Bonny choose what to wear today. Then when taryn got here, we piled into her car (after waiting a tad for Tim as usual ahha), and off we went on our Disney adventure. So I've been to Disneyland once before when I was in like grade 4, I think at the time I thought I was already too cool for Disney. But now at the age of 20 I think I'm more fanatical and excited by Disney than ever before lol so I was SO stoked to go again and be a part of the Disney magic. Also Bonny and Tim have never been so I was so excited to be with them while they experienced it all! When we were driving on the highway towards Disney land we were all getting more and more excited, and because we left so early we managed to beat most of the traffic and got there around 8, an hour before the park even opened. Can anyone say keen? ahahha. We parked in the lot, took the tram over to the park entrance, and waited with all the other eager 3 year olds for them to open the gates to the happiest place on earth. And when the gates opened, we entered into the magical kingdom where anything is possible, and the world around you melts away. As soon as we entered the park its like it transports you to an alternate world, a world where outrageous colours, lollipops, Mickey ears, castles, and all around cheer is the norm. And we emerged 14 hours later as different people. Here's what happened in the magical kingdom.


We went on a wednesday, the middle of the week, a lull in terms of how busy Disneyland gets, and it was the best decision ever, because we just had the best timing and luck with lines and rides. Basically right when we got into the park, (well after taking the iconic photo in front of the castle) we got down to business and started hitting up all the major rides we wanted to go on. We developped this strategy of going to rides, getting fast passes for the rides that offered Fast Pass options, then lining up for other rides, and then returning to the ride we got the Fast Pass for. But honestly, it was just crazy the luck we had with lines, I think the longest line up we were in was like 20 minutes tops, and they were never dull, because we had each others company and would just share stories and laughs. We went on every ride we wanted to before 1, and then even went back on our favs a second time. We all agreed that Indian Jones was our favorite, just because it was so well done and also so much fun. The ride itself was just so masterfully designed and created. The ambience of the ride was so groovy and cool. We'd go through complete darkness then emerge into a large open space that made it feel like we were riding through tombs or exploring long lost treasures. And little touches like the jets of air that would hit our face, or the mirage that floated in our path that made us feel like we were going to go under a stream of water. But the best part was the huge rolling boulder that started rolling towards us, and right when it seemed like the boulder would just crush us all underneath its immense weight, the track dipped and we dropped below it. It was just such a fun different adventure filled ride. We also all loved, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain. I loved the teacup ride, but Taryn and Tim were NOT fans ahah, they got so dizzy and just felt super sick. But I'd honestly say that the Carousel and Small world was my favorite. We went on the carousel at night, and just going up and down on a plastic horse, with these little orange bulb lights all around me brought back so many memories, and for some reason just reminded me of Christmas. And as for Small world, well as annoying as the song gets by the end of the ride, it's just impossible not to smile looking at all the beautiful world they create in that castle. 


By the end of the day we all knew disneyland inside and out, and could navigate it like pros. Well I should say, they all knew disneyland inside and out... I still struggled because well... directions, not my thang ahah. But I will say that Disneyland does seem so much smaller now that I'm an adult, but I also appreciated everything so much more now that I'm older. I can appreciate all the effort, time, and thought that would have gone into every little detail in the rides, the layout of disneyland and every miniscule little aspect that makes it such a different world.

It was also so amazing going with people that were just all so similar, I mean besides all being wonderful people, our bladders were all always in tune with each other ahaha, we'd all need to pee at the same time, and drink water at the same time since we all drink a ton and stay hydrated. we also all got hungry and were eager to hunt down some vegan food in Disneyland together. So the first thing I got was this Pretzel. And as cute as it was, I have to say it was the driest, blandest pretzel I've ever had. The best thing about the pretzel was the mustard we smothered all over it to make it edible.

But later in the day we did find some incredible vegan gumbo in this sourdough bread bowl in the New Orleans Land. We had a family friend from Louisiana who used to come stay with us when I was a kid and would make us the best gumbo, and this tasted just like that.

But Taryn and Bonny made the rookie error of eating the gumbo first then tackling the bread bowl, so they were left with this dry hunk of bread at the end with nothing to eat it with. But I ate it strategically by drinking the soup then eating the bread in proportion so that by the end I had just this flat round piece of bread with a layer of gumbo on it still hehe. ALSO the ENTIRE day we were trying to hunt down some fucking cotton candy and it was probably the biggest struggle of the day (you know you've had a good day when that's your biggest struggle haha). We just had the worst luck with it. Either we'd find stands that didn't carry it, or they'd be closing down when we got there, or moving locations so they couldn't stop and sell it to us. BUT finally as the sun was setting, after our gumbo, we found a cart down on mainstreet, and we all literally sprinted towards it. And you know what, it was worth the effort. They had a WATERMELON flavor, I know WHAT?! and it was amazing. Us 3 shared 2 huge funnels of cotton candy (or as Bonny calls it, fairy floss), and by the end of it, I swear we were all on a crazy sugar high.

I felt drunk, and high at the same time, and just could NOT stop giggling. We also met someone midst cotton candy high haah who recognized us from instagram which was so lovely. She was such a sweet gal and we all got chatting over some cotton candy. 

Taryn is also OBSESSED with pickles, and so she would buy just single pickles from the carts, and it was the funniest thing, Bonny made the life altering revolutionary discovery that..... pickles are just pickled cucumbers. When we were in Tooney Town (which was so cute omg, I want to live there in that miniature colorful world ahah), WE GOT TO MEET MICKEY, the OG of all disney characters, and it was amazing.

We met him in Mickeys House, and after going through the house, we entered this mini theatre that was playing a reel of all of mickeys movies since the beginning, and it just brought back so many fond memories from my childhood of sitting in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment, on the floor watching VCR's of these movies over and over again, laughing at Mickey, Goofy and Donald Ducks adventures. And it just made me realize how impactful Disney has been on my childhood, my life, and so many other people's lives.

He has truly touched the hearts of millions of children around the world, and given them something special that they can hold onto forever. I mean I know that a certain song, or clip from a movie can be so moving and laced with so many emotions that it can bring me to tears just like that. Now that is amazing to me. When I hear the circle of life, I dont just hear words, and instrumentals. When I watch Tinker bell flying around, I dont just see a green fairy twittering around the world. I see and hear my memories from my childhood. I hear my mom yelling at me to turn the TV down, I see brothers watching out the of corners of their eyes while building their lego, I feel my mom wrapping her arms around me hugging my little toddler body close. And I have this second of belief that magic is possible in this world, and in all of us. 

SO, back to meeting Mickey. So after that emotion packed film reel, Taryn and I were trying to talk duck to each other like Donald Duck, ahah, and just laughing our asses off over it. And I'm pretty sure the person manning the line was getting so annoyed. She was saying through a forced smile and forced facade of cheer: OOH someone has the giggles! hahaa. 

Anyways, when we got close, we entered Mickeys "dressing room" haha, where he was taking photos with all these cute little kids, haha, and he was just wonderful. Obviously he couldn't talk, since that would ruin the facade, and tbh it was probably a girl under the suit since Mickey was so short, but he or she or whoever it was, was such an amazing Mickey. He was dancing around, hugging, lifting kids up, and even photo bombing our photo haah. And when I got to meet him, he was no disappointment, he even danced with me for a bit haha. 

I just loved that all 4 of us were so excited about everything, meeting Mickey, the rides, being there and just enjoying the experience. I feel like I was way more excited as a 20 year old than I was when I went there as a 10 year old ahha. But some of the people working there were clearly kind of amused by our eager excitement. When we were in line to meet the Genie, Taryn asked really enthusiastically: do you think he'll let us make a wish?! 

And the lady was like: um yea... sure....

AHHAHA, but her reaction just cracked us all up and reminded us that maybe not every young adult that goes to Disneyland gets us into it all, as we did.

And to top off this amazing day, we watched the Light up the Night Parade and it was just AMAZING. All the songs, the dancers, the huge beautiful floats, and sparkling lights plastered the biggest grin on my face. Watching all those dancers dancing around the floats made me want to get up there with them and dance in their routines as well. Then after the parade, we ran through the park, to find a good spot to watch the fireworks from. And holy moly, it was the best fireworks show of my life. 

The fireworks went off in sync with all the background music, and they basically just went through all my fav disney songs, and it just brought so many emotions with it. We were all just in awe, and stunned by it. And when the Lion king song came on, I think I almost teared up ahah. But the big finale was the song in Frozen: Let it go. And near the end, they started shooting fake snow into the air, so we had the song ringing in our ears, with beautiful fireworks going off in the night sky, and snow flakes floating all around us. It was magical. That's all I can say.

That day was truly just the ultimate trip down memory lane. It made me want to go home and watch every single Disney movie ever ahah. 

By around 10:30 we were all slightly delirious with fatigue, and so we headed home. But man, Disneyland truly was just.... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I think that's how you spell it).

We left with happiness in our hearts, and a lingering of the disney magic floating around in the air around us.