DAY 305

Today was an interesting day ahah. So we just didn't really feel like riding today, so we all sort of slept in. But I was already up so I just had a heap of brown rice with soy milk, bananas, and maple syrup for breakfast, but when the rest of the gang got up, I had this desire to cook for them ahah, so I ended up making some epic waffles, so I had a few waffles as well. Then around 10, we (Kristen, Bonny, Ashely and I) hit Santa Monica to check out some ethical shops for new clothes. First we hit up Brandy Melville, and looked around for ages, before heading over to Urban Outfitters, but none of us were sure about the conditions of the workers who make the clothing, or where they're manufactured, so I went up to a girl, and really politely asked if she knew anything about that, and her response was so abrupt: she just said that they're made all over so she wouldn't know. 

And when we asked her if she could find someone who would know, she just started talking right into the store PA system, and asked the manager to come out since we wanted to talk to him, and when he came out, he ended up knowing nothing as well... 

I mean, we all just felt like they didn't care about our concerns, and that they were just annoyed by our seemingly unnecessary concerns. I mean it just shows that most customers (including me until just recently), dont care and aren't aware that most shops dont sell ethically made fashion. So after that failed inquiry, we headed to the local food co-op to stock up on some goodies. I got some vegan blueberry muffins that I've been wanting to try for ages. OH and I also bought some more cinnamon cereal eheh. Then we met the guys at this awesome salad place for lunch, and I just got a whole heap of greens, corn salsa, lentils, and the BEST tabouli! From there, we stopped off at Free People, where I ended up getting a super cute maroon shirt, and both Bonny and Ashely got some gorgeous flowy tanks. I swear Bonny looked like a Roman goddess in hers ahah. From there we stopped off at Brandy Melville one last time, but when I was there... someone PICK POCKETTED ME! :(

I had my purse unzipped and some lady stole my wallet, took the 200 USD I had in it, then I guess they just dropped it, and someone handed it into the counter. Because when I finally realized it was gone, I looked all over and finally asked the counter, and they returned my wallet. I was heartbroken when I saw that my money was gone, but Kristen helped give me perspective that, the pickpocketer could have taken my credit card, id cards and basically stolen my identity too if they'd really wanted to. Her and Ashley also said that they both felt tugs at their purses as well, and Ashely said she turned around and saw it was an old Indian Woman! How CRAZY is that?! Anyways, after coming home, we just did a few errands, then Lex and I played some piano duets (tried to), and sang in a really out of tune voice, ahahha, but it was SO much fun, and just put me in the happiest mood. And finally, all of us sat down and had a wonderful lil LA family dinner. We had these burger balls that Kristen made, and I had heaps of brown rice, avo, lentils, potatoes, sweet potatoes all drowned in BBQ sauce. Then I had a few more bowls of cereal before BED! :D