DAY 323

Disneyland was magical but today was even more amazing. 

It started out pretty much like every other day. Slept in again, had a lazy morning editing and eating oatmeal, comforted Kristin that her hair cut wasn't all that Bad at all, and also morally supported Bonny while she booked her flights home, ahah. Then Tim helped me pack up my bike, and before we knew it we were already running late for our own meetup. Today was the day of the meetup that Bonny and I organized! It was at 2, and we needed to leave around 12:50 to pick up the food we were bringing, but by the time we had changed, got all our shit together, eaten some food, it was 1:20 ahah, EEEK. So we all sprinted out to the car, and stopped off at our first food pit stop, Roy's house. Roy's one of Alex's friends and also happened to be the creator of the amazing vegan chips: Beanfields. So we picked up 6 boxes of chips ahah, then headed off to Sunny Blue for these sushi triangles called Omusubi (I think ahha). And after that we finally found a park, then arrived at our own meetup about 30 minutes late.... ahhaha WOOPS, but man oh man it was the most amazing meetup ever. First of all over 100 people came over the course of the 4 hours that we were there. I met SO many amazing people, and it was just so humbling to hear all their accounts of how I've affected them. A few girls cried, and it made me tear up to see them cry. I met a few moms too who came up to me and thanked me for helping their daughters recover, and that just made me feel so overwhelmed and encouraged to keep on doing what I'm doing. One of the girls that I met had just come out of in patient recovery for anorexia a week ago, and she said she'd watch my videos in the hospital, and it just made me tear up to hear. I also met two of the loveliest girls from SPAIN who just happened to be here with their family on holiday. I also thought it was hilarious that two of the girls who went to my meetup in Vancouver were here today as well since they road tripped down the west coast! How cool is that? ahah. A few girls also brought me boxes of cereal which made me laugh ahah, and omg there was so much food. I didn't get to eat much since I was just talking non sotp for 4 hours, but I got to sneak away to the food table a few times, and managed to snag a birthday cake lennys and lerry's cookie, some cookie dough, lots of cookies, a red velvet cupcake, some pretzels and caramel popcorn, and the PRETTIEST mochi! 


OH I also got to meet Brandon finally!!! He's been following and supporting me on social media for as long as I can remember. He always comments and has always just been so overwhelmingly kind to me, and so it just made my day to finally meet his smiling kind face! He lives in Las Vegas so he drove down for the meetup and I'm so glad he did! Then by about 6:15, we were all starting to head out, and we were pretty much frozen from the crazy strong cool ocean breeze.

A group of us headed to real food daily for some delish food. I had a soba noodle bowl with lentils veg and a tahini sauce, then we headed to Rawberri for dessert. At dinner I got to meet Nadia, one of Bonny's friends from Aus who I've heard so much about and she is one lovely gal. Such a beautiful genuine person. Anyways, it is now 12 and I NEED to sleep, so just gonna leave it here. But suffice it to say that today was just awesome.