DAY 324

Woke up and finally got my lazy bum out for some activity ahah. Jeanette picked me up, and we did this local trail called West ridge. I jogged most of it, and had the most amazing time. I saw this couple running, with the most beautiful black german shepherd. And near the last stretch of the trail, the wife came blasting past me, and I was trying so hard to keep up but just couldn't. At the end of the trail it leads to this like restroom/water area, and I just went up to her and her dog and started chatting to her. She's been running for years, and was actually one of the nicest strangers I've ever just struck up convos with ahah. Her name is Desiree and her beautiful dog's name is Axel. She even invited me out to do a 25 km trail run race with her and said she could drive me ahah, but I dont think I'm even close to ready for that yet. And when her husband caught up and joined our convo, I ended up telling them all about my life, and they were intrigued ahah. It made to a super interesting start to the day. Then I came home, had oats, showered, and finished editing a video! And after spending the day doing some packing, cleaning the kitchen, calling my mom, and nursing the cold I seem to be getting, we went for dinner at the most AMAZING macrobiotic restaurant called Inaka. Outside Inaka there was a sign that showed that Macrobiotic loosely translated to long life, which I thought was so cool. We were also joined by Aly, her friend, and Jeanette which was a lot of fun! We got to hear all about Aly's American adventures, and it sounded like she had a blast travelling around the states. naka was like the healthiest tastiest meal I've ever had at a restaurant. So first of all, they made this amazing brown rice Mochi BREAD.

And it was just the coolest texture. But holy shit the dish that I ordered was the best macrobiotic bowl of my life. It was just full of so many vegetables and sea veggies that I'd never really had before. There were also super unique things like burdock root, lotus, steamed daikon, this seaweed dish, a tofu dip and the most flavourful stewed veggies. So fucking tasty 👅👅👅 And after dinner we headed to Whole foods and I found these organic pumpkin and banana baby cookies, and I'm now obsessed.