DAY 326

After sleeping in today, I think I've finally caught back up on sleep, and am feeling nice and fresh for this week ahead. So this week I'm spending my time in LA with Taryn at her place over in the Valley. Tim, Bonny, Kristin and Alex have left on their road trip across America, and I'm so excited for them, I know they'll have a blast but I sure will miss them :( So we spent the morning, cleaning the entire house, stripping the sheets, loading up the car, and just getting all their things in order before they headed off. And after realizing that the storage space in the car was WAY too small to fit the huge cooler, rice cooker, hot plate, and pots they were planning on bringing, they reconfigured, and got all packed up. Around 11:30 they finally hit the road, and I bid them all farewell. Then I just hung around their place for another 30 minutes before Taryn came by. I'm staying with her for about a week, so she was kind enough to come pick me up, and we headed over to the Valley which is her hood. Along the way we stopped at TJ's and Whole foods for some serious grocery shopping. And after a gong show of an afternoon for Taryn, JASMINE AND AMANDA CAME OVER. Basically all of Taryn's orders for her business just seemed to get fucked up today, so she spent over an hour trying to sort all that shit out.

But ANYWAYS, Jasmine and Amanda came over and brought so many goods, she brought freshly picked figs, homemade choc chip banana bread, and this amazing potato shepherds pie. And while we were chilling, Taryn and I managed to pack up a bunch of her shirt orders. She's seriously the most hard working entrepreneur I've ever met. She just gets my entrepreneurial juices flowing. And for our main dinner course, Taryn made her infamous soba noodles with the most amazing soy/vinegar sauce. I ate mine with Broccoli, bok choy, green onion, and ketchup. I'm wierd I know, and omg the potato thingy that Jasmine brought over was incredible. Creamy, wholesome, and oh so flavorful. And seriously the banana bread with choc sauce was just the most amazing thing ever.

And after Amanda and Jasmine left, I had a bowl of cereal with the fresh figs, raspberries and bananas. YUMMOOO. And now it's 11, and I am off to BED. Taryn set up a wonderful air mattress for me, and it's perfect, I feel nice and cozy and completely at home.