DAY 327

sooooooo wow, I feel like I'm pretty confident that I do eventually want to move to LA, especially after today. So woke up, meant to go for a run by a park near Taryn's place, ended up playing on the playground instead.... lol. 


Then after showering, having some breakfast, and working on our computers for a bit. We hit the road for this super cool filming gig that Taryn had. But before I get into where we were headed, I just wanted to mention the fact that I have NEVER seen more Tesla's on the road, than I have on the 405 (the highway we drove on to get into Venice). And on the drive over, Taryn just told me the most amazing stories about the people she's met here, or the funny/inspiring conversations she's had. It just makes me want to eventually come down here and be a part of this amazing community.


Anyways, back to where we were headed, so basically Taryn's friend Asher, runs this film company and since he's vegan he works a ton with vegan company's and today he was filming this live video for Gardein (which is this vegan company who makes vegan meats), and Taryn was invited to be in the video with Jason stefanco who's the executive chef of Gardein. They were filming a recipe demo video with 2 gardein products, the terryaki "chicken" and the bbq "pork" bites, and best part is they were eating these products wrapped in asian bao buns! I went to watch and just be BTS on set, but after they finished making them, they invited me in to taste them, and boy they were delicious. So the finished product was these fluffy steamed buns, with some creamy aioli, the gardein "meats," pickled onions and cucumber (which Taryn went gaga over ahha), some chives,carrots, and radishes. Seriously it was amazing. Jason cooked the gardein meats with garlic, onion, oil, and salt which just honestly enhanced the meats so much. Everyone working on the set was SO nice, the girls working behind the scenes, and Asher and his film crew were also just so friendly. It was cool to see Asher directing and working BTS to make the whole video run smoothly. And because it was live there was an added bit of pressure and fun.


After the video finished, we got to sit down and chat with Jason, and turns out he's from VANCOUVER, and turns out Gardein's from Vancouver, ahha how cool is that?! Then to thank us they gave us these amazing gift bags in the best linsulated grocery bags, and filled it with all sorts of swag like insulated water bottles, pins that said: I lost my veg-inity which I thought was hilarious , shirts, pens, and even a portable charger ahha. It was just so kind and so unnecessary since all I did was go and eat ahha.


Then after getting back on the freeway and heading back over to the Valley, we headed to Ralphs to buy some of my fav Wasabi Dijon dressing, bananas, and water. And by the time we got home and settled, it was basically 4... where does time go?! Yeesh! haha 


And after working on the computer for a few hours, I cooked us up a huge delicious mexican feast. Of beans, corn, salsa, corn tortillas, rice, avo, refried beans, salad, and saurkraut. All eaten with my fav mustard sauce. And after some dessert oats, I edited, answered emails, and watched some vids from my new fav youtuber: Jenny Mustard. Then we tried to figure out Taryn's new health care situation (another reason why I feel blessed I'm Canadian... free health care holla), and made some more dinner for Taryn's BF Max. And because we're going hiking tmrw, we went to bed early ish :)