DAY 328

Today was the best day.

So this morning we did something super fun... we went for a hike in the Pacific Palcades with ROBBY! Now I love Robby oh so much. If there's anyone's who's just high on life, it's Robby. Like seriously, he's just full of life, energy and happiness, and seriously just the kindest soul. I remember about a week ago at the meetup, before he left, he said to me: Okay, you need to do one thing for me Steph. It might be difficult but you need to promise me you'll do it....Stay Awesome!!


That just put the biggest smile on my face and warmed my heart ahah. And doing a hike with him and Taryn was the best possible way to start the day. But because it's LA of course we had to get on the Freeway to get to where we were meeting Robby. And since Taryn and I have tiny bladders we had to stop to pee, so we were a tad late, but we made it eventually. And it was such a nice relaxing hike that overlooked a beautiful ocean 365 degree view of LA and the coast line. But man just being with Taryn and Robby was incredible. Robby is literally just full of life, and I swear he's just high on life. He was talking about how everytime he sits down to a meal, he's just so grateful and genuinely happy to be eating his raw fruits and veggies. We just had the most amazing conversations and I just learnt so much more about him. He has never had a single drop of alcohol or smoked in his entire life, I just found that so incredible. And we both were talking about how we've wanted to start meditating.

Anyways, after we got back, I picked up a package of cereal that I had in the mail of these Strawberry flavoured Power O's (like my new fav), then we all headed to Whole foods where Taryn and I grabbed the plastic salad containers, some Kalifia Almond milk, which we bought with a coupon, and we all ate our breakfast at the outside patio. robby brought his huge bowl of fresh figs, and we all chowed down on breakfast outside. Taryn loved the cereal too, and was pretty fascinated with the bean cereal.

Then after we all finished, we parted ways around 12, and since we were on the other side of town where Max Taryn's boyfriend lives, we went to his place to shower, and while I was there I called Griff and got to have a long overdue chat and catch up with him. Then from there we headed to Studio City to a restaurant called Sun Cafe to meetup with Tim from @veganfatkid, one of Taryn's good friends, and I can't even explain how amazing it was to meet him. Well I mean our lunch turned into a 4 hour lunch so maybe that can shed light to how amazing it was. We were literally there for so long, that the wait staff changed shifts and our server had to come and grab our bill before we were finished otherwise his shift would end, and he wouldn't be able to serve us ahah. So we all had an amazing meal, but the experience was just incredible. So before actually meeting Tim, Taryn prepared me for how awesome he was by telling me all about him and how I'd just love him. And she was right, he was charismatic, hilarious, engaging, insightful, and so kind. So his account veganfatkid, is all about him eating his way around every vegan dish here in LA so you don't have to. He has literally tried like every vegan dish at every place in LA, and it's not just like the veg restaurants, but he'll go to every like hole in the wall place that just has a vegan option and try it. And he doesn't just go somewhere, eat the food, take a pic and upload it, but rather he really goes to the restaurant, and meets the people behind the food. He'll talk to the chefs, the servers, the line cooks, the managers etc, and just really learn about the people involved in the food. He's all about paying gratitude to how the food got to his plate. And it was hilarious, I asked him what his fav dish he's ever tried here in LA and he made this amazing analogy. He's like, some restaurants have one standout dish and it's like when albums have one hit song, where as other restaurants have just amazing food on their whole menu but it's not like a crazy hit, and those restaurants are like quality albums that you play on repeat. Then he also carried on to say that, some places like McDonalds, are like annoying pop hits, you remember the words to the song and everyone knows it, but they actually hate it. And he compared that to like enjoying (when he wasn't vegan of course) the tastes of big macs, but hating that he liked it ahah. He's just so captivating and hilarious.

He also told us his whole origin story of how he came here from NZ at the age of 23, with no money, worked jobs that payed like 10 dollars, and slowly saved up, to where he is now, turning 39 with his own recording studio in multiple locations, having produced a record, and just killing it in life. He's struggled, gone through being broke, being overweight, having awful body image issues, and to now, he still has things he needs to work on with his body image, but for the most part he's just one of the most balanced healthy inspiring people I've met to date. 

We were talking about perfection, and how it's such a flawed notion, and he said something that's now like my new motto, and that was: you have to be alright with being alright.


I loved it. Sometimes we just expect the world from ourselves and we want to be fucking awesome and killing it in every aspect of life, but I mean truth is, we're not going to be, and we gotta become alright with just being alright :) It's my new mantra!

Man those 4 hours felt like 4 minutes, we just talked and talked and talked, oh and ate. I can't even begin to describe all the unique and interesting conversations we had. He has a mind that just thinks very alternatively and very differently than most and I really appreciated that.

He talked about how in our society, most of the time we vote for what we want to support with our dollar, and because of our capitalist consumerist society, where we put our dollar has value. But he was saying for the most part, that's not true when it comes to University. Say a parent doesn't agree with the curriculum taught, theoretically it should be feasible to then boycott that and not pay and therefore not enroll their kid in uni to match their beliefs, but that's just not even an option for most people. They just almost suck it up and pay for uni anyways because universities have managed to convince mostly everyone that they're a necessity in life to get anywhere, to be succesful and to be happy. And for some people that's true. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer or anything of that nature, 100% go to uni, but for those of us who just don't really know what we want to do, or want to blaze our own way by being our own boss, then I don't necessarily think uni is always the best path to choose.


We also talked about the whole thug kitchen issue, how to talk to different audiences, the pervasive almost blind optimism in LA (because hey, it's always sunny in LA), and so much more. My all time fav part of the lunch was when Tim and I bonded over our addiction to cereal, he was like: cereal is my drug of choice, it's like crack.


Anyways, like I said we were there for ages, and finally by 6:30 Taryn and I headed home. We got back before 8, I made some dinner, finished my power O's for dessert, edited a video, then headed to bed around 11.