DAY 329

I'm not sure if I was still just so jazzed up from our day, but I just could not for the life of me sleep last night, so I just slept in till 9, and had a slow morning waking up, uploading a video and making some breakfast. Then we took out the trash, went to whole foods got more cereal, and used our coupons to get a whole bunch of free shit ahahha.


Then around 12, Amanda and Jasmine came over, and we all hung out together which was so fun. They're such balls of joy, and Jasmine brought over some chocolate free banana bread since she knew I couldn't have chocolate ehehe. And I helped Jasmine clear like 200 GB of storage on her laptop and she was like so happy it was hilarious. When it finally worked, we were like jumping up and down, we were so stoked ahah. But I feel her struggles cuz this problem honestly used to be the most annoying thing ever in my life, so I did a whole heap of research and finally figured it out, and now I love helping other people clear out their storage too, it's like a high! THEN THE WHOLE CREW CAME OVER TO TARYNS AND WE JUST HAD A FOOD FEAST AND IT WAS SO FUN. Cami, Claire, Sonia,   and Stella. I love Cami and Claire, and it was so so flipping awesome to meet Stella and Sonia. They're the most down to earth 17 year old gals I've ever met in my entire life.


We honestly ate so much, we had a sushi platter, these amazing rice paper rolls with rice noodles and this peanut sauce, I also made them try my fav rice cake combo of rice cakes jam and sriracha (which they loved), cotton candy grapes, snacked on greens and kethup, banana bread, rice lentils, and literally just so much food. We also talked about how some people think cilantro tastes like soap, but I fucking love it. I just feel like we literally ate all day from like 3 to 7. We also ended up eating the most amazing cereal, and filmed a video of us all eating it for my channel ahha. We mixed like 5 different boxes of cereal together and all feasted on it. I discovered the BEST cereal, this snackimals animal cereal, and they all agreed it was amazing. Mariah also arrived, and brought over MAPLE CRUNCH, which I thought was only in Australia, but she found it in Target! She also brought all sorts of fresh fruit, the fresh pineapple was like amazing AH. Then around 8 we all went to la pain quotidien to get free smoothies. So yesterday at lunch, Tim told us that he was doing this collab with le pain where if 20 people came and mentioned his name @veganfatkid, they would get a free smoothie, and Tim would cut a cheque for 500 dollars for mercy for animals. And so our whole group went, and just us alone got to like 12, and just in case he didn't get other people, we went outside the place and started telling people to go in and mention tims name to get a free smoothie. Most people thought we were just messing with them but we ended up convincing quite a few people and they were all super happy about their free smoothies :)

And by the time we got home it was past 9, and I was just exhausted, and even though I loved all these beautiful people, I was honestly so ready to pass out. After having some more cereal and banana bread, I went to bed around 11.