DAY 330

This morning we went to such a fun stretch class. After some oats, we headed out at 10 for an aerial yoga class and it was honestly the perfect way to start the day. It was super relaxing and easy but so much fun. So if you don't know what it is, basically it's a 0 gravity yoga class, that you do while using this like ribbon like hammock.

I loved just swinging in the hammock and hanging upside down, it made me feel like a kid again. And because we got to be inverted, I honestly felt like my body stretched out and got so much taller. We also got to do some spins, and swing in the hammock. I left the class so relaxed and almost sleepy ahah. After that we went right next door to the Calabassas farmers market, and it was SO MUCH FUN. I loved getting to talk to all the farmers and get to know all the people who were so passionate about what they were selling. We also got to sample so many goodies it was amazing.

I got pluots, plums, fresh bahri dates, cabbage rice, cookies, korean food, AND got to sample so much food. I think I was most excited about the Korean food. So we got it from Daves Korean, and I've heard so much about this stuff, so I was so stoked to finally try and get some. We got the most amazing flavored tempeh, spicy cucumbers, and lotus root. 

I also just loved getting to know all the names of the vendors. When I bought my plums, the guy seemed kinda grumpy, but as soon as I asked him his name, he started smiling and asked me my name as well. It just shows that people just want to feel like they're seen.

BUT my absolute favorite part of the farmers market was going to LA funghi to get mushrooms. So Taryn loves the white mushrooms and wanted to get a carton, so we went up to the guys and asked how much they were. And he replies with a cheeky smile in his european accent saying: OOOO very expensive. 

And we just giggled and he comes around from behind his stand, and he complimented our matching "not milk" shirts, and we laughed and joked about being twins. I loved his shirt too, and he was also matching with his co-worker. His shirt was plain black and just said: Shrooms, on it ahah. So turns out his name is Dirk, and he's from Bulvaria. He actually knows Taryn's mom which is hilarious and he told us to say hi for him. Then he just started pouring the mushrooms into a bag, then going around his stand chatting to us, while filling more bags with all his fav mushroom varieties like: lions mane, lobster mushroom (SO COOL), and more. Then he also pulled out these like mushroom teas called reishi that we tried, and it was crazy cool. He ended up giving all those mushrooms to us for free, but he joked saying: it's only free if you share. So we promised him we would and told him we'd make some delish tacos with them.

And just to top it off, he had a book on his stand and guess what book it was. It was: The Plant Power Way. Which is Rich Roll and julie Piatt's latest book. And when I pointed it out, he said that Julie was just at the stand like 20 minutes ago buying mushrooms! And I DIED haha, I told him to tell her when he next sees her that there is someone out there in the world that loves her and her husband haha.

Then we came home, feasted on cabbage rice, and Daves Korean food, and I also had 2 peanut butter cookies. And for the rest of the arvo we just relaxed and hung out with Taryns friend who came over, Megan. I snacked on all the plums I bought while reading some poetry.

I also cooked us up the BEST tacos out of the mushrooms that we bought, and I'm going to have to do a recipe video for them because they were just phenomonal, but anyways I just sauteed a whole heap of mushrooms with garlic onions and so many herbs. Heated some corn tortillas, then we had it with some of the Daves Korean food, avocado, pica de gallo, mustard sauce, sauerkraut, and some MORE avo cuz avo is life. I had literally 7 tacos then had some chips and salsa too SO SO GOOD. ahah, and while eating we watched a movie that Megan picked out for us called Stuck In Love. We wanted to watch a movie that just didn't make us think too much since we were all just pretty exhausted from this week. So we didn't want a super thought provoking docu or anything, so Stuck In Love seemed like the perfect fit, and it was actually amazing. It was cute but also quite sentimental. I almost teared up a few times. And the end quote that the movie ends on was incredible:

“I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone's heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.” 

Raymond Carver

OH and to top it off, one of the main characters eats cereal right before bed and it made my day ahah.

OH YEA and we got these insane melt in your mouth (not healthy at all but yolo) peanut butter cookies, and they were so addictive I had 4.

Then around 9, Lisa, Taryn's mom came over and I finally got to meet her! We chatted for ages and she is exactly how everyone described her. Full of energy, enthousiastic, and crazy in a good way ahah. And to end the night I had a few more bowls of oats with my fresh dates, tahini, blueberries, and of course a few bowls of cereal.  OH AND Taryn watched Gilmore Girls for the first time with Megan and I!