DAY 331

Today I cried.

So started my morning around 9, showered, then sat down to finally get some editing done. After Taryn got up and we both had some oats, she helped me make this hilarious cereal video that I've been meaning to do for a few days. After we finally finished that, we ate the epic bowl of cereal that I made in the process of making the video, then I showed her how to edit on final cut.

Around 3 we headed out to buy Jasmine a present for her birthday dinner! So she loves all things pineapple and loves weiner dogs, and actually just applied to adopt one with her boyfriend. Anyways, we ended up finding the cutest weiner dog shaped chalkboard, and a pineapple tea infuser, two perfect presents for her. Then when we tried to decide on a card we had the hardest time. It honestly took us like 30 minutes to decide which card to get, there were so many funny hilarious ones. Then we ran over to a grocery store and bought some romaine lettuce to snack on for the ride over to Jasmine's bday bash at Rahel's Ethiopian. I was so stoked to see everyone and to eat epic vegan ethiopian ehheeh. On the drive over, I told Taryn all about my brothers and I got to hear all about her two brothers and her fam jam. And when we got to the restaurant we ran into Jasmine and Chris outside, and we gave her the biggest bday hug. Jasmine is truly the kindest most humble person. She's just so chill and the sweetest person, and Chris is the perfect boyfriend for her. He basically has the exact same traits except as a guy haha. And so as we sat at the restaurant people just kept piling in until we had a huge massive table of around 20 people.

It was awesome to see Jeanette again, I feel like since Lex and Kristin left I haven't seen her at all, and it was also so wonderful to see Yvonne. I havent seen her since Asher's bday so I loved getting to chat with that radiant gal! She truly is like a radiant culinary goddess. The things she makes in the kitchen are just insane. All her snaps just make me drool ahha. But the greatest part was getting to know MIKE! It was the first time I'd properly talked to him and he's just the most energetic happy guy, well maybe second to Robby haha. Mike just reminded me of a kid in the best way possible. Oh yea, and the food was lit. ahhaha. Our group wasn't really able to finish the injera that all the food was on, so they all stopped eating and it was all up to me basically ahhaha. But with some encouragement I managed to finish off the plate. But fuck I was so full I felt like I would roll back home. Near the end of the night as everyone was just chatting away their food babies, Mariah and Claire started chatting with me, and they honeslty made me cry. They both said that it was my videos that helped them out of their ED's originally, and that they remember watching me while they had their eating disorders, and that I inspired them to recover. And it just honestly meant so much to me that I cried. Anyways, eventually we all started leaving bit by bit, and the group of us that stayed till the end managed to snag a photo together. Chris and I also discovered that we both have the unique talent of sucking in our nostrils and looking like freaks ahahha.

Then we drove home while chatting about all the injuries we have from me dance, and Taryn cheer, but how grateful we are to those experiences. And after getting home around 10, I passed out after writing this blog, and guzzling down like a litre of water.