DAY 332


spent it eating the best vietnamese food from Vin Loi (ham spring rolls and udon noodle pho), Lisa's homemade vegan yogurt, and snacking on the meal that I made for Lunch Break Live, this video series that Taryn's mom spear heads. THENNNN the rest of the day was devoted to making an epic fruit cake for Jasmine for her bday. So we messaged her today and told her that we weren't free today cuz we were already planning on going to Vin Loi, and I felt like such a bitch saying that... BUT IT'S ALL GOOD, cuz surprising her with this cake is going to be so worth it. So in reality we're not actually going to Vin Loi for dinner, we're going over to Jasmine's house for her familys bday dinner, and bringing the fucking fruit cake haah.

So we went to the store, bought melons, pineapple, blueberries, avocado and lime. Came home, realized we forgot skewers, went back to the store, and started creating our master piece. So while I made the avocado frosting (avocado, lime, maple syrup, soy yogurt that Lisa made), Taryn cut the watermelon and cantalope skin off, and shaped it into a sort of rectangular cylinder shape. We then just cut the pineapple top off and used the leaves as the topping for our cake and it looked incredible. We stuck so many skewers and toothpicks in to hold everything in place, then frosted the cake and decorated it, and bro... I have to say, I think Taryn and I killed it! eheheh. And when we finished around 4, we sat down to eagerly await Chris (Jasmines bf) to message us when we could come over. At 4:30 we got the green light, and carefully loaded our baby into the car, and it sat on my lap the entire ride over. We got there just after 6, and I walked really carefully over to her house so as not to let the cake fall apart, and Taryn rang the doorbell. Chris answered, and told us Jasmine was in her room, so her mom called her into the kitchen to "help" her with something and there we were waiting! She was SO surprised and broke out into a huge smile and gave us all huge hugs. We all laughed and told her our stories, and talked about how we were so scared she'd think we were bitches for ditching her on her bday ahah. But it was so worth it for her joy at us being there and the surprise cake. So once we all caught up, we just snacked on fruit, crackers and "cheese" (cranberry and dill cheese that Yvonne made), some fried Tortas that Irene her mom made, and I also convinced them all to try jackfruit and ketchup which I thought was DELISH. I got to meet Goji their surprisingly dog like cat, and It was just the best getting to know Irene. She is honestly the SWEETEST momma, I so see where Jasmine gets her sweet disposition. Irene is a short beautiful vivacious ball of light, and so wonderful. A bunch of Jasmine's family came over, and we had this amazing hot pot style noodle pot party outside in their yard. They had udon, rice, and soy noodles, and a huge pot of veggie broth that was boiling on a hot pot. So we would all throw in the veggies, tofu, mushrooms and noodles we wanted into the hot pot, then serve ourselves and it was amazing. There were also bao buns, fried "egg" rolls, grilled plantains, and every kind of sauce you could possibly wish for. I had honestly 7 bowls it was just so good. Especially with this amazing korean chilli sauce it was just next level.

Then we all just sat around and chatted for ages in the summer evening air, while digesting our food. Around 8 we sang happy bday and cut up our cake for Jasmine, and everyone else was full but I still devoured some of the fruit cake with spoonfuls of that avocado icing we made... it was just so good. The entire night was just full of amazing energy and laughter, I couldn't stop smiling, or eating ahaha. Jasmine just is the most amazing person and I'm ever so grateful to have her friendship in my life. Then around 9 Amanda and Charlie came over and it was awesome to meet Charlie for the first time. I'd heard so much about these infamous brownies that he makes and sells, and he was so full of life and laughter. So while we were all chatting I asked what ethnicity he was, and he told me to guess. I guessed Jamaican since he resembled that and you know what, I was half right! He said his grandfather is Jamaican, but his mom grew up in Belise, so that whole side of the family is Carribean, which makes sense since he has DARK skin, dark eyes, dark hair and really really curly long hair which he had pulled back in a pony. Then he said his dad on the other hand is full on like from Europe, fair skinned, blonde hair and blue eyes. And just as a joke I said: Oh so clearly you take after your dad.

And he replied saying: oh really? you think?

He was full on serious and full on thought that I was being serious.

And I just CRACKED up and told him that my statement was drenched in sarcasm ahah, and he just laughed and shook his head saying: yea I was wondering what you meant by that ahahha.

Anyways, after talking to him I decided I NEED to try his smores brownie, blondie brownie, and pumpkin brownie. They sound fucking amazing. But because I wanted to get an early night to pack, we left around 10 and got home just before 10:30. It truly was a MAGICAL night.