DAY 306

So I woke up with a raging headache, and my period ahah. Wasn't necessarily feeling FAB, but we were going for an easy ride with JACKSON AND IZZY!!! Jackson just got back from his bike trip, so Izzy's up in LA staying with him. We went for a cruisy ride, and I got to catch up with Izzy which was wonderful. Izzy and I have so much history its insane, she was the first vegan I ever knew (through social media), and the first vegan "friend" I've ever had. Then Jackson and I also got to talk about just feeling uninspired with youtube. But he brought up a great point, which is that sometimes we can get into this bubble where all we see and think about is Youtube and social media, but like he said, there is so much more out there, and there are so many other areas and aspects of life that I have yet to explore. After the ride, we rode back home, and on the way there's this super narrow alley way that we have to ride up. But on the way, we got blocked in because there was this white painters truck parked on the side, but at the same time, another wide truck was trying to get through, and he was stuck there because he was scared he'd scratch the car. So I ran to the house and rang the doorbell and asked the owner if the guy who owned the parked truck could come out. And when he did, the guy was so rude to the poor guy who was stuck. He was all pompous and was like: whats this about? did you scratch my car?!

And Tim and I were defending him saying like: um no actually he's been stuck here for ages because he DIDN'T want to scratch your car! ahah, but anyways, he slowly inched forward and got out of there, and all was fine with the world again. And after getting home, I had some cereal, ate some Hochada oats that Lex and Kristen made, showered, changed, then hit Whole Foods with Bonny and Tim. 

So the three of us took an Uber there, and I bought some of my own groceries, but mainly we perused all the aisles to try to find awesome vegan products we could try for Bonny's taste test vid. We ended up buying SO MUCH, we got: Vegan like Reese's Pb cups, Ben and Jerrys chunky monkey, ice cream sandwiches, peppermint choc Luna bar, white cheddar cheese puffs, crackers, chives cream cheese, iced chai, kombucha, salted caramel iced coffee, vegan starburst candies, choc chip cookie, dr mcdougall instant sesame chicken noodles, cotton candy grapes, Mac and cheese, "beef" jerky, the Beyond meat Beast burger with Chao chedder cheese, this amazing lebanese pumpkin flat bread wrap, seseme tofu rice paper roll, and I THINK that was everything. It was so fun to film the video and try out all these new products, but I'd deffs say my favs were the ice cream sandwiches (just heaven between two chocolate biscuits), the cheese puffs (melted in your mouth and finger lickingly delicious), and the cream cheese, oh man it was to die for. But honestly I loved everything, the only thing I didn't really enjoy was the iced Chai. It tasted too gingery, but man everything else was just on point. Also the Ben and Jerrys ice cream was good, but just too banana-ey. That flavour just overpowered everything else, but oh well. I was so full off of just trying all these foods, that I didn't really have much food after for lunch ahah.

Then by the time we cleaned up everything, and got the kitchen looking back to normal again, it was time for us to go our for dinner. So Bonny is actually surprising one of her followers tonight at dinner. So what happened was, the boyfriend of the girl, emailed and reached out to Bonny saying that they were gonna be in LA and that it was his girlfriends birthday coming up, and if she could maybe spare some time to meet them and surprise her. And the email was just so sweet that she couldn't resist, so the whole crew decided to go with her, and we went to this cook your own food style restaurant at this place called Eat Shabu. It was so much fun to make my own food, and all the udon noodles and veggies were amazing. Man the mushrooms and the bok choy and PUMPKIN, mmmmmm. Izzy, Jackson, and Taryn also came which was amazing.

I loved just catching up with all 3 of them, especially Taryn. I told her my whole story, and she told me all bout her PUN t shirt company, and man I just got on a ROLL thinking of them. We honestly had so much fun thinking of these puns, I just love words and word play! Then after dinner, I came home and had some more ice cream sandwiches, cereal, and cookies eheh.