DAY 333

So I woke up and just started packing my few bags up. Took a break to have some oats, then finished up. After Taryn got up we just chatted and also discussed the shirts that I'm going to design and sell with vegetaryn through her affiliate program. After coming to a decision, I am so so SOOO STOKED for us to finalize designs and get some shirts printed! I'm in love with both of the puns that wer using. So basically all her shirts, with a few exceptions are based off of puns. Some of my favs of hers that I now own are: good chives only, I think therefore I yam, lettuce eat plants, if looks could kale, and SOOO many more ahha. Anyways, after I finished packing, and she showered we headed on out. I had to make a few stops before the airport so we left early because la = perpetual traffic ahah. So first stop was to get my bike which was still stowed at Alex and Kristins. Then we went to the gardein kitchen where I had left my new sunnies last week. After that we stopped for a pee at Starbucks (small bladder problems) then went to the airport. After thanking Taryn a million times over and giving her a big ole hug, okay fine like ten big ole hugs, I went to check in my bike. The guy at the checkout stand Ron, was so awesome! He gave me packing tape to finish taping up my bike and even trusted me with scissors ahah, something he told me he wasn't supposed to do since I could possibly harm him haha. Then he waived the 25 dollar sur charge that I had apparently just missed for my bike. So kind! And after that I went through security smoothly and went to wait at my gate. While I was getting water from the vending machine the machine brought my water down in a real fancy way with the robotic arms, and behind me was a father with his son and the father was saying to him look at the robot, cool right? And the young boy exclaimed excitedly: wow you know one day I'm gonna build a robot! Just that enthusiasm and refreshing perspective that he could do ANYTHING when he grows up made me smile. And when the flight boarded around 2, I just started journaling. I sat beside a women who kept downing cranberry vodka cocktails ahha but she shared some pumpkin seeds with me so i was thankful.

Then when I landed and got to the baggage claim carousel 7, my mommy was there waiting for me with a smile and a hug. After grabbing my bike and finding the car, I got comfy and settled into a long drive home across the border to Vancouver Canada. She was so worried I'd be hungry that she bought me almost 40 dollars worth of sushi ahah, she is truly amazing. I had two HUGE party trays aahha to myself.

My mom had some of it, but I finished most of it off since I was pretty hungry. The drive home was just beautiful, we were driving right when the sun was starting to set, and driving through mountainous valleys and along the coast. Just stunning. We also got to catch up, and while telling my mom where else I want to travel, I also found out that about 30 years ago she went to Japan for a health conference on endocrinology. COOL STUFF EH? And after a miniscule 10 minute wait at the border, we got home just after the sun set around 8:30. I then snaked on a few purple sweet potatoes my mom had made this morning, while writing this blog post, and answering emails :)


It feels nice to be back home. Although when it rains tomorrow I might not feel the same way... ahahha.