DAY 334

So today I literally slept until 12. I guess just being back in my own bed and being burnt out from travelling does that to ya. Woke up to the rain and a growling belly. Had oats, then a smoothie bowl after as well.

Learnt that an ipod shuffle is called that because it literally can only shuffle songs. Got a package from One degree foods which made my day full of trying granola and eating cereal haha. Then went to Home depot with my mom to buy a tile, and Harj the guy helping me asked me what it was for, and I explained it was for taking photos of my vegan food. And guess what, Harj is a vegetarian, his wife is vegan, and so is his 3 year old daughter. Times are changing, or maybe i just attract veg people ahha. Had a disagreement with my mom and learnt a valuable lesson that I sometimes treat the people I love most, the worst, and that needs to change. 

Then went to Whole Foods looking for products I'd found in the US and was sorely dissapointed to find they didn't exist on this side of the border, and that things like black beans are almost 3 times as expensive. not okay. 

Came home and had the BEST skype call with a travel group called Gecko Adventures, and I'm hoping to hear back from them soon with some good news. And ate a load of pumpkin, rice, beans, and veg for dinner with ketchup. And of course finished the night with another few bowls of cereal.