DAY 308

Another busy busy but exciting day here in LA. So we all slept in and just had a lazy morning. I finished a box of cereal for breakfast while working on some editing, then Lexbrought me and Tim along to help him with his recon and quest to buy 100 pounds of noodles for the noodle party we're throwing on Sunday. So first we went to this crazy Thai wholesale like warehouse, in the heart of the industrial area in downtown. There we found 10 pound bags of fresh rice noodles that we're considering using. Ramen noodles are our preferred noodle of choice, but this is a very viable and plausible backup plan. The only thing we're worried about is that the rice noodles will stick and almost disintegrate. OH we also found like BULK sriracha, it was insane how big the containers were.

AND best of all, I saw some monk fruit powder sweetener, and just this morning I was talking to Kristin about how she can't eat sugar because she gets crazy wierd headaches from it, but that she CAN have monk fruit, but just has never been able to find it anywhere in LA. So when I saw that I obviously got it and gave it to her as a surprise! Anyways... after that, we headed over to the central market in downtown to talk to the guys at Ramen Hood, this 100% plantbased vegan ramen bar that's known for their crazy vegan egg. We ordered a bowl to try and it was delicious, but mostly the purpose of going was to talk to the manager there.

So he told us the supplier that he gets his Ramen noodles from, but after talking to him for awhile, it became clear that it would be an ordeal to get those noodles. He would have to order them for us, but the wholesaler he buys from usually only has 3 or 4 packs of 18 pound noodles in surplus which wouldn't really be enough, and plus he gets his shipments every thursday and our noodle party's on sunday! But the manager said he'd call them anyways and just ask. But we were in a rush to get back home to pick up Kristin and Bonny for our lunch date at 1, so we raced home in the LA lunch traffic rush, picked up the girls, then went to this new restaurant that opened in Santa Monica called Erven where the old Real Food Daily was. We met Robby (from mindfuldiabetic on insta who I've been following for AGES), and Brian from "Forks Over Knives" which was incredible. Well I mean meeting them was incredible and so much fun, but the lunch itself was just awful haah. Okay not awful, the food was all tasty but it was just SO overpriced and SO tiny.

The portions were just ridiculously small and it was just one of those super fancy restaurants with tiny portions that I just didn't really actually appreciate. But the conversations we had were so interesting and incredible. Robby has type 1 diabetes, and he manages it through eating a raw vegan diet, and he has done so successfully for AGES. I learnt so much about diabetes, and how it works, how to manage it, and about Robby in general. He's one inspiring guy for sure. But the most exciting part of the day is we got a phone call during lunch from Sun foods (a ramen noodle wholesaler) that they finally approved our order from a few days back, but we needed to pick it up today! So right after lunch, Kristen, Bonny and I jumped in the car and started our 1 hour journey to Sun Foods which is in Compton (Straight Outta Compton :P). So that fateful car ride ended up being the Best car ride of my life because I truly gained a new genuine real friend who I now have the utmost respect and love for. I'm crying right now just thinking about it. Kristen is truly an angel on this earth, so grateful despite ALL the hardships and battles she's gone through with her health, and all she wants to do is to help other people. Basically on the drive over to sun foods Kristen just told us everything about her health journey and I have never ever heard anyone who's had it harder than her, but the fact that she's still fighting, so resilient and so grateful for what she does have just astounds and amazes me. Also btw while we were at sun foods picking up our 100 pounds of ramen noodles, Alex and Tim had driven in a friends truck to pick up the hot tub that were using for the ramen party. Eventually when we got home we unloaded all our Ramen noodles into the fridge and therefore had to empty 99% of what was already in there. So we ended up cooking up a feast with everything that was in there before. But the star of dinner was the huge Naan breads that Alex picked up, I ate that with hummus and vegan cream cheese, rice, lentils, and some brocc, and it was fucking amazing.

But heaps of the vegan crew were at Jacksons so they all came over to say hi and help unload the Hottub. I got to finally meet Jasmine, Amanda, Anji, Ryan, Chris and Claire, which just honestly made my day.

Ryan and Anji hung around with us while we had dinner for awhile which was lovely. They're such Down to earth lovely people and I'm so happy I got to meet and chat with them. And after cleaning up the utter mess that was the kitchen, writing this blog, and having some cereal, I am ready for BED.