DAY 309

So we started this saturday off with a bike ride with Tim, Jackson and Izzy out to Malibu. We rode along this highway until we got to the climb we were doing called Latingo Canyon. It was such a beautiful ride through a stunning canyon. Tim and I just went at a steady pace, and it was such an awesome beautiful view of the Malibu hills. After getting to the top, we went down to Sun Organics for a little pit stop, then headed back home. The way home was on this coastal road, and we just rode along the ocean while smelling the salt and feeling the ocean breeze. After getting home I had some more food, showered, and foam rolled while chatting with Jeanette. We also were trying to figure out who keyed their car yesterday, and they're convinced its the neighbours who hate them for some reason hahah. Then I edited and finally finished a vlog by lunch time. And because I was lazy AF, I just toasted up 4 cinnamon raisin english muffins, and heated up some broccoli for lunch, with lots of sauce of course. OH and Kristen found me chopsticks for me to use, which is so exciting because it's my fav eating utensil (back to my roots heeh). And for the rest of the day I just researched mirrorless camera's to buy, snacked on crackers, and did some writing. Then around 7, we left for the coolest Birthday party EVER.


It was for Mr. and Mrs. Vegan's friend Asher, and he literally invited like every vegan from LA. 

We had the best time at Asher's birthday. First of all every vegan like ever in LA was there so I got to meet so many ppl that I've followed for ages. I especially loved meeting Yvonne, Cami and crystal! Yvonne is just the most youthful energetic LOVELY woman. Cami is such a down to earth funky chick, And crystal is the cutest little button. So at the party I feasted on jackfruit tacos, cupcake kabobs (caramel, churro, and chocolate FLAVORED), pretzels, kombucha, strawberry lemonade, dark chocolate cherry bar, carrot cake cupcakes, and more.

We also jumped in the bouncy castles and roller bladed all over the party venue which was at Pollution studios: Asher's film studio. I almost fell when I was outside on my blades and BONNY literally caught me and possibly saved my life 🙈😂🙏🏼. There was also this photo booth with the funniest props, and we all took heaps of photos. At the end of the day it was a fun ass night. The party goes until 4am lol but we left around 11 because we're all early birds ⭐️😁