DAY 310

Today was just all about the RAMEN PARTY. From the second I woke up, to the moment my head hit the pillow, all we did and talked about was for this epic ramen party we had. We bought veggies, tofu, drinks, bowls, and more. Kristen dropped a bottle on Bonny's foot and injured her, I ran to grab some ice packs, helped Doctor her up. Bought a vegan candy bar for her to cheer her up. Came home ate so much food. Set up the backyard for the party. Cleaned the house. Then we had a moment of calm before the storm... Then BOOM. Everyone we invited started trickling in.

So the entire ramen night was just hectic, hilarious, exhausting and just so great. The only thing that occurred though was... The noodles ended up being inedible 😂 all that time money and effort and the noodles just never fully cooked ahah. OH YEA, and Tim also got into the hot tub of ramen, so my night was made ahahah.

So after everyone left at 9 we ordered pizza lol.