DAY 311

I slept in, went for a short ride with Tim, had cinnamon raisin English muffins for breakfast, then I just spent a few hours chatting and getting to know Kristin Yu! She's the amazing gal who made the vegan egg we used, and stayed the night with Alex and Kristin so she was hanging around all day with us! Then we had this crazy idea to make cereal, and so on a whim we raced over to whole foods, only to discover they didn't have one of our main ingredients ahha, so instead we just ditched that plan and had a whole foods lunch date. I just had some sushi and some of this amazing spinach pastry wrap 🤗.  Then we went American apparel and I finally got to buy high waisted shorts which I've been after for ages! But it was just amazing to connect and get to know Kristin. She's such a down to earth lovely gal. And we ended the day by having dinner at Butchers Daughter with... MY BROTHERS! They're down in LA because my little brother wanted to visit the USC Campus so they made a little bro trip down to LA! We all got chattin a bit, and my big bro David taught us the funnest word game called Same Page. For some reason I was just struggling so hard to figure it out ahah, but once I got the hang of it, I thought it was just the funnest game ahah.

For dinner I shared some amazing fig jam pizza with daiya cheese, and this spicy burger with Bonny. My brother actually loved the vegan pizza too! Anyways, then we went down to Venice beach for a photo adventure.

So the Venice sign lights up and is a beautiful spot to take photos, but it's a sign that stretches over an intersection, so the only way to get a photo under the sign, is to wait until the pedestrian walk sign is on, and because it's a diagonal crossing, you can go stand in the middle of the road and take a photo. EXCEPT the walk sign is only on for 20 seconds, so you literally had to sprint into the middle of the road, then sprint off after like 15 seconds of photos.

We saw the sky go from sunset to literally pitch black, and it was so ominous. There were also so many wierdos out by Venice Beach, so there were definitely some interesting characters out. By the time we got home, all I was down for was CEREALLLL! So I finished like a box, while planning our rest of the week :)