DAY 345

I did some sweatin this morning and it was rough haha. So there's this thing called the grouse grind here in Vancouver, and it's a super short but STEEP trail. It's a quick one that takes around 40mins - an hour depending on how fit you are, but man does it get you sweatin. I did it with my brother this morning and it HURT like a mother. I haven't really done anything like that in awhile and it sucked ahah, but I also loved it, and I'm definitely getting back into it. I did it under 45 mins which was my goal today so I was stoked on that. While I was doing the hike, I heard so many international languages around me, I swear everyone on the trail today was a tourist ahah. I talked to this friendly German father son duo, and we talked about Berlin's veg friendly-ness, and their jobs with Lufthansa (I think that's how you spell it haha). Anyways, I totally wanna keep pushing myself now and get back some of my fitness :). On the way back my bro and I just jammed out to all his fav tunes and it was like a walk down memory lane. He also showed me his perfect pitch by telling me what each note of the melody was for about ten seconds, I was thoroughly impressed. After getting home, I refuelled on lunch, and made some for my mom as well. When she got home, we headed out to meet Kristina at the beach. It was the perfect sunny fall day, and it was amazing to spend the day with her. She told us all about her recent rowing TT, and she basically pushed herself so hard that she threw up. Like WTF, I've never pushed myself that hard, she's seriously such a badass. She's a varsity rower and cross country runner, and is literally the epitome of vegan athleticism. After we decided the wind was getting a little fierce, we made a pit stop at Edible Flours, a gluten free vegan bakery, and got some baked goodies ahah. And after dropping her off at her place, I just got thinking about her and our friendship in general, and I realized that she was the first person in my life, who made me feel like she was on my side and on my team (team vegan). So since the day we met, she was always curious about veganism, and always really interested and positive about it. And after a month of telling her about it, showing her heaps of docos and introducing her to the wonders of banana ice cream, she went vegan too! And it truly meant the world to me to have another person going crazy over banana sales, and vegan potlucks. I finally wasn't alone. And now practically all my friends are vegan, but back then I didn't have a soul to share my joys and struggles of being vegan with. That is until Kristina rolled around. I think that because of that I'll always have this immense gratitude for her. And on top of that, she's the most supportive, giving, hilarious friend of all time. Basically shes just amazing.