DAY 348

Today = mikes and muffins.

What the hell do I mean? Well I was just getting to that :)

 So what a hilarious amazing day.

It was another beautiful sunny day, so I went for a 5k run around my neighbourhood in the fresh autumn air and it was splendid.

Running on fallen leaves, taking breaks to say hi to dogs, and bumping into old neighbours I hadn't seen in forever. Man kids change a lot in a year, ahah anyways. After breakfast, showering, stretching and a banana choc chip muffin, I ran out the door to catch my bus for my 11 o clock coffee date with Mike, from this adventure travel company I'm hoping to work with. So while waiting inside, I get this email from Mike saying that he was outside sipping coffee and to join him whenever I arrived, so I packed up my bag and headed outside. I saw a guy and went up to him. I smiled and asked if he was Mike, and he nodded and said: I am, hey! I sat down smiling and said: oh awesome to meet you I'm Steph. From there he asked me how my day was, and I told him and told him about my past travels and basically sat there for a good 10 minutes just chatting with him. When I brought up my future travels, I said: hopefully I get to work with you guys and hear what ideas you have. And he looks at me so perplexed saying: you must have the wrong Mike, I work at a record store ahah. 

It was hilarious, he just happened to also be called Mike, how CRAZY is that?! It's so funny cuz he acted like it was totally normal that some stranger just happened to know his name and wanted to chat with him ahahah. It was just a hilarious experience and the great thing is I got to meet a super nice Mike who works at a record store lol. So I walked around to the other side of the store, and there was another guy sipping coffee. I took another stab at it and this time it was the right Mike ahha. So an hour later, I walked away from that coffee shop just buzzing. I don't know how much I can or should say, but fuck I'm so stoked. This next year is going to bring some exciting adventures, and I just can not wait. GAH. So after that, it was about lunch time, and I walked around main street looking for something to eat. I walked into a coffee shop (JJ BEAN) and asked the two guys behind the counter if they had anything vegan, and one of them actually said he was vegan himself as well! Cool eh? And that the blueberry and chocolate zucchini muffins are vegan. So I got both, a chai tea, then sat down to eat. But before that, I chatted with both the guys for awhile. So the other one was actually pescatarian soon to be vegan! :) Man, the world is truly changing ehhe. I even got them to say a bit for my video ahah. AND GET THIS, one of the guys was named MIKE. Like what's going on, Mike's are just following me around ahaha. He was actually so lovely, and asked what my channel was called, and even invited me to this drum circle tonight, but I was busy tonight so couldn't. Mike's the vegan one btw. 

But anyways.. I sat down to eat, but had this burning thought that I've been wanting to write about for ages, so I asked Mike for a piece of paper and pen, and ended up sitting there journalling for ages. And this is what I wrote:

In some ways I feel like our man made expectations of our lives are the perfect example of how our intelligence as a species is both our greatest asset & our greatest undoing. In our world of Nicholas Sparks novels & idealized movies, we can adapt a very distorted view on our reality. We expect love to be a guy buying a star for us & expect to find magic in the form of pixie dust to fly to Neverland or become a mermaid. And beyond movies/novels is our media. When we view things like health & happiness we expect it to look like beautiful fruit platters, running in lulu shorts with no sweat & perfect hair on a sunny day. AND we expect to get there right away. What we don’t expect is ugly ass oats, rainy miserable days & a lifelong journey of making mistakes & learning. 

So although inherently we know our lives aren’t curated IG feeds or movies we can still expect things from life that it can’t deliver. We compare our reality to our expectation of our reality & in doing so we take ourselves out of experiencing our lives in the moment as they are. We’ve let something that isn’t bothering us bother us because we expect something else. It’s like we’ve created a problem where none existed to begin with.

So perhaps the key is just changing our perspective on our expectations. 

Maybe love is best conveyed in just a humble hug & magic is found in the sun rising. Maybe this life, our life, your life is already full of wonder. Maybe life’s just about being here on this blue orb experiencing all the hurt, struggle, love & happiness this world has to offer.

I’m sitting in a café eating 2 vegan muffins sippin on chai tea while gazing out the window at this beautiful little boy. He’s looking around wide eyed & giddy, dipping his fingers in his moms latte, marveling then licking up the foam, watching words come out of his loving family with curiosity in his eyes as if each word is a miracle. He’s pointing & shouting at birds flying across the perfectly blue sky asking where they’re going.

Maybe in his eyes just breathing, talking, seeing flying magical creatures & tasting caffeinated foam is enough to instill wonder in him. Maybe we all need some of his perspective in our lives. 


Also if you're wondering why there's so many "&" instead of "and" in that piece, it's because i used it for insta and their caption limit is 2200 characters, and I always max it out so I needed to try to reduce my character count ahha.


Anyways, after writing that piece and eating my muffins, I stumbled into a second hand store and found this amazing vegan wallet from this brand called colab.

I've been on the hunt for one for over a month since mine broke and man it's way tougher than I expected to find one that isn't leather, but one that also doesn't look like its made for a 3 year old haah. And after my wallet score, I helped out at my dads clinic, got groceries then rushed home to meet my friend connor. He started this amazing mental health initiative called Project Pilgrim, where he features people and does something similar to humans of new york, except with a spotlight on mental health. So we went around to a cool spot by the water, took some photos and had a long chat about mental health. Basically we shared out stories, and discussed the mental health in general. I just think there isn't enough of a conversation about it and the only way to change that is to be a part of the conversation. Which is why i'm now so candid about all my previous AND current struggles if and when they surface. He dropped me back off around 6, and I ran into my kitchen to start making food. I was pretty hungry. I just steamed up a bunch of potatoes, sweet potatoes and bok choy, and chowed down on that with kethcup. My big bro also came home for dinner which was such a lovely surprise. I got to congratulate him in person for getting into the first round of recruiting for 2 of the big 4 accounting firms! WOOT GO DAVID. And after editing, and doing some writing for project pilgrim, I read my fav book for an hour before going to bed.