DAY 349

guys... i went to CROSSFIT TODAY! hahhha, those are words i honestly never thought I'd type/say in my mind. And I actually really liked it. I sucked at it which is why i think i liked it ahha. It was basically just a super simple intro to learn all the basic moves. we did some back, front and overhead squats which was super fun ahah. Then I spent pretty much the rest of the morning helping out at the clinic, and after it was less busy my mom and I left to spend the day out in the sun and in nature! But honestly I'm on the brink of getting a cold so after getting some more groceries, I came home and just had a chill afternoon editing, snacking, and listening to some audiobooks.

It's now 8 and I'm already so pooped. I deffs need an early night, and maybe some restorative yoga. We'll see, but exciting plans are deffs in the making! Can't wait to share them when they're finalized!