DAY 350

The weather forecast said it was gonna be the last nice day for awhile so my mission was to spend as much time outside as possible. I think I did pretty well on that front.

Started my day with some outdoor yoga in the park, found peace and my breath, met some lovely folk, then answered emails in the sun till I realized I was a hungry hungry hippo. Whole foods to the rescue. Just had a cliff bar while walking home then proceeded to eat every vegan thing in my house. 

And after that, I just did work outside in the sun snacking on fruit and toast. 

Alrighty, so remember the vegan Mike that I met at the coffee shop from a few days back? Well we've just been chatting and he truly seemed like such an interesting kind fella. So we were gonna go for some pizza, but I had to be home for a family dinner, so instead we decided to chill and chat at a park in the sun. So around 5, I headed over to his work to meet him. And on the way I stumbled across a park close to his work so I just settled there in the sun, and got to writing in my planner. He biked over after work and we basically just sat in the sun and chatted for over an hour straight.

It was so awesome, and he is just, well awesome ahah. So kind, so gentle, humble, and so so interesting. He's interested in so many things, read so many books, and been so many places I can't keep track. Oh he's also from London, and just moved to Vancouver 6 months ago, and wants to study holistic nutrition. I got so many book reccomendations from him, and podcasts to subscribe to. I also gave my input and basically told him he needed to read The Name of the Wind since he's such a LOTR fan. He actually has JRR tolkeins emblem tattooed on his thumb that's how much he loves LOTR ahah. We've also travelled to so many similar places. He was in Chiang Mai, Pai, Aus, and NZ as well, but actually wasn't vegan at the time. He's another one of those people who went vegan out of the love for animals, and I always have so much respect for them. Anyways, around 6 I had to leave to go back for dinner and it was such a riot. So much food, so loud, and such a hilarious time.

So tonight is actually a Chinese festival/holiday, it directly translates toMiddle Autumn festival ahah, it's the one where everyone eats mooncakes. So some of our fam friends were coming over for a good ole get together, and I haven't seen these people in AGES. One of the people who came over was one of my fav adults of all time. She was my Chinese teacher back in the day and she basically saw me grow from a young energetic child, to a moody adolescent, to a young adult. When my mom saw us hugging and catching up, she started crying. She then insisted we take some photos together and we happily obliged.

Oh and just to top off this amazing day, I heard my lil brother singing his heart out in the shower again and it made my day, no week, no life. LOL. Good times.