DAY 351

Because of the dinner party my famjam had last night, there were people over till midnight, and I just wasn't able to sleep till about 1-2 am. So woke up pretty cranky and exhausted, went for a run feeling lousy. And right as I finished this gorgeous golden lab bounded towards me, tail wagging, ball in his mouth, drool flying left right and center. I immediately felt more light hearted and started throwing the ball for him. I looked from where he had come from and saw a beautiful mamma sitting with her baby. I walked over and said hi, and we had the most amazing chat. Her name was jackie, her baby's name was Braden, and the lab was Hadley. While chatting she told me she was a holistic nutritionist, and I was telling her about my youtube, and she was saying that studying that course helped her learn to love and nourish herself, and we had this amazing conversation about self love and taking care of our bodies. Right before I left she told me I had a joyful energy about me. It was like the universe sent Hadley, Jacky and little baby Braden to me in that moment to remind me who I really am, and how wonderful people are and how great life is. The rest of the day I tried to ride that wave of positivity. And around 1, I started packing up my bag to meet my friend peter at the ferry terminal. Our friend Chance lives on the island, and he invited us over for the weekend to stay at his place and just explore the island. My mom dropped me off at the ferry terminal, and then Peter and I began our venture over the water to Vancouver Island!!! So we took the ferry over and I just sat outside in the fresh air feeling the wind rustle through my hair and felt at peace.

Then when it was finally too chilly to handle, we went in and there was the CUTEST baby sitting in front of us. We were chatting with his parents and they said that they're from the Netherlands and that they're gonna hire a campervan and adventure around the island. And I just think that's so cool that they're son who's 1 is going to have such an epic experience at such a young age. Then around 5 we arrived in Schwartz bay and sat down to wait for chance to arrive . Then I got a message from Chance that he was here, and so we headed out, and while walking out and trying to find him, I suddenly felt my bag get lighter, and I turned around and there he was, smiling his cheeky monkey smile ahah. Our first stop from the ferry was the super store, and we STOCKED UP! We got so much food for our 3 day adventure ahahha. we got heaps of fruit, avos, pasta, beans, cereal, dates, bars, and juice. I also sat in the cart and Chance pushed me around ahahha and I felt like a kid again. And after that we headed to his place in Langford. He lives with his roommate Fannie, and their place is amazing. It's so quaint and modern at the same time, and it's right on the edge of this amazing forest. And when we brought everything in, I got to meet Fannie and she is just beautiful and so kind. She's from Quebec and quite french ahah, and I loved practicing my very awful french with her. But first thing was to cook up DINNER. We just cooked lots of penne pasta, and fried some coconut oil/soy sauce broccoli up, heated some chickpeas, heated some sauce, and ate it with heaps of avo.

And after dinner we decided to go down the road to the fair that was going on there. We bought some tickets to go on the rides, and after deliberating over which one to choose we settled over this one that basically spun around and went up and down. Lol such a shitty explanation but I can't really think of how else to explain it ahha. So we piled on into one of the "cars" and the first 10 seconds of the ride was awesome, but as it started spinning faster and faster the force of it caused the ppl on the inside to basically squish the hell out of the person on the outside, and in my case I was the one squishing Fannie. I was using all my strength to try to hold myself away from her, but despite my greatest efforts I was still basically pinned against her ahha. And as the ride started going up and down as well I was honestly just scared. Not because the ride was scary but because it felt so sketchy, the ride just didn't feel like it was safe and I half expected our car to just fly off the arm of the ride and for us to go flying into the night sky.

But we didn't thank goodness, and after the ride finished we got off and all felt like we were drunk 😂😂 it was funny cuz we all felt like it was super fun in the beginning and were laughing and smiling, then there was this moment of silence when we all started realizing that we weren't actually fans of the ride at all ahah. After we got off we all just laughed about it and decided not to waste any more money at the carnival ahha, so we walked to the park and swung on the swings and played there in the dark until Fannie had a spontaneous idea of going to the beach and starting a fire. So we walked back, grabbed a lighter, and an old book to help start the fire, then we hopped in the car and away we went to the beach. It was called Taylor Beach, and it was just so beautiful. We all turned on our phone flashlights to light the way, and we walked along all the driftwood that scattered the beach. And when we found a secluded area, Chance went off to collect some wood for the fire. Then he piled up all the branches, and through his years of exploring in the wild, somehow made the fire come to life. We all sat on the logs watching the fire, mesmerized by it's changing shapes and basking in the incredible warmth it casted. Peter told us about what fire actually was (basically just the energy contained in the wood), and we told stories by the fire, while Chance actively kept minding the fire and stoking it to keep it alive. We must have sat there for over an hour just enjoying the fire and each others company before we finally headed home around 11. And after getting back and setting up the mattresses, we all slept on the ground and it felt like an adult slumber party haha. Such an epic day/night.