DAY 352


What an epic day of adventuring on the island. So we woke up to the pitter patter of rain around 7, and after a lazy lazy morning, we made some apple cinnamon tea that made think of Christmas. Then all of a sudden I got super stoked for Christmas ahha. So after having some breaky, and having a pretty mind blowing talk about Artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial species, we headed out on the road with Chance as our tour guide. First stop a beautiful beach where the mist was hanging over the mountains that were across the water from us, and where Chance showed me what a sand coin was. I actually loved how crisp and cold the air was. And from there we stopped off at a cute little marina town, where Chance showed us the docks, and I gawked some more at how beautiful the nature was.

The mountains were lush with fir, arbutus, pine and all sorts of other majestic trees that were dark green, orange, and bright red. And by then it had stopped rainy and the weather just settled into this beautiful misty cool autumn weather. And from there we headed to get... LUNCH at this cute lil town called Duncan at Chances fav cafe, the Duncan Garage Cafe. When we got to the town we saw this hilarious guy who apparently was known for walking around balancing books on his head. His sandals had springs in them so his each step was very jaunty and light on his feet. Today he was balancing a thick black book, looked kinda like a bible ahha. But we were all pretty excited to check this cafe out so we hurried over. And oh boy, it was just the BEST. We all had the most amazing sweet potato cinnamon bun with the most buttery (vegan) creamy sweet filling, then we all shared some raw cakes, a chocolate croissant and this curry puff pastry. NOM.

And from there, we all walked over to the farmers market where I bought the most amazing pickled chilli vegetables from this guy called Shanni. And he was the greatest most enthusiastic sales person ahah. And after chatting with him he said he had lived in China for awhile and actually spoke some Mandarin. Peter also bought some fresh tomatoes and strawberries and I just devoured all of them ahah. But the best part was we went on the most beautiful walk through this lush majestic forest, and I was just awe struck. Everything was so beautiful and magical. I felt like we were in a fairy land. Like I half expected an elf to poke their head around the corner. And when we came into this river creek, Chance and Peter decided to go for a dip, and while they did I ate lol. I had the most amazing cashew larabars and ended up eating 4 today they were so good ahahah.

I just sat there playing with the water, dipping my hand in and out of the creek, and marvelling at how soft and fluid water is when you just dip your hand in slowly, but how hard it can be as well if you slap the surface. We resurfaced from the forest an hour later, and I came out a more at peace happy soul. I also couldn't believe how fresh and fragrant the air tasted it was just amazing. And while driving back home we blasted some rock music, I snacked on more lara bars, and smiled at the sun coming out. When we got home, I showered and after having dinner with Fani, we went on another ADVENTURE. We packed some snacks, and went to find a Lake that Chance had mentioned. What ended up happening was the guys ended up swimming AGAIN ahah, and Fani and I sat and ate lol.

I had about 5 bowls of cereal, and we had the most amazing bonding chat, while sitting on the mossy rocks overlooking the mystical waters. That gal is seriously so lovely, and every time she talks in her French accented English, it sounds like shes singing ahah, I love it. And by the time they got back, and I finished my dinner picnic, we walked back to the car in the dark, played cards against humanity at home, and headed to bed at 11.