DAY 353

Today was the last day of our island adventure and it was the best day yet. I just can't believe how jampacked our everyday here has been. The bags under my eyes are wellworth the memories that are gonna stay with me forever. Today's adventure was a mystical trip to the west coast of the island. The incredible thing about that coast line is that truly what lies beyond our eyes is just the great pacific, the great beyond, or maybe Japan? ahah. In Vancouver most of our coastal views are actually just extending to the eastern edge of Vancouver Island, but their view is of an uninterrupted expansive awe inspiring Pacific Ocean. Anyways, after breakfast, we walked out into a beautiful sunny day, hopped in the car, and drove about an hour with the music blaring to Fannie's fav rock CD to the most incredible beach. So to get to the actual beach we walked through this mystical pine forest for about 15 minutes, before emerging onto this descending staircase which seemed to go on for infinity.

It wound its way around the roots, and after a sharp left turn it opened up to the view of the beach. I stopped in my tracks, struck by how just beautifully eery and mysterious it was. The water was glimmering, the mist hung low over the mountains, and the sun rays were peeking through the tree coverage and lighting up the left side of the beach.

I walked up and down the beach marvelling at the exposed sandstone cliffs, the beautiful display of rocks strewn across the beach, and found myself sitting by myself on this massive rock with my eyes closed just listening to the waves. After about 30 minutes of doing so, I opened my eyes and wrote this.

As i sit here on this rock listening to the rhythm and music of the waves rolling and crashing around my little island, I felt my heart start to dance to the drumming beat of the waves, felt my spirit join with that of the ocean and felt a smile creep onto my face. I felt and knew that in that moment I was infinite. I was and will live on in the sound of those rolling waves, in the hearts of everyone who meditates to that sound as I do. I'll be in the hearts of everyone else who finds the need to see the world and lust for wonder and adventure and beauty. I'll find myself in the rustling brook, in the smell of pine trees, and in the glimmering sun, and there I am infinite there I am whole. And I knew then that I know nothing. All I know is that the orchestra of nature and sounds of the sea were enough to still my worrying mind and restless heart, it was enough to put a song in my throat and laughter in my eyes. And that is and will always be enough for me.

It's a rough piece, but I just wanted to share how those waves made me feel.

Then I ran back to where Fannie, Chance and Peter were and we walked together to the far right side of the beach to this insane cave with the most inukshuks I've ever seen in my entire life. I walked around that cave analyzing each one, admiring the time and dedication these artists must have put into their inukshuks. We also all went for a swing on this rope swing, and I let one hand go, titled my head back, and all of a sudden instead of Fannie and Chances grinning faces, I saw the blue blue sky, and I just started laughing like a giddy kid. When we finally left the beach I left a lighter person. And I dont mean physically, but I felt like I'd shed the last few pounds of stress that I've been carrying on me, and with shedding that weight, I felt light and free as a bird. Free to dream, free to wonder, free to wander, and free to just be.

On the car ride back, I almost fell asleep, I just felt so at peace, and the cars smooth motions were almost lulling me into a sleepy slumber. After getting back, Peter and I quickly packed up since we were going straight to the ferry after our lunch at Bliss Cafe. So to celebrate this cafe in Victoria going fully vegan, the Vancouver Island Vegan Association had a meetup lunch there today and so we decided to go as well. I posted about it and was hoping I'd get to meet some of the people on the island who follow me. After getting to Downtown victoria, we circled the block finding a parking spot, and then rushed over to the cafe. We saw the sign "Bliss" from a far, and walked into the cafe, but after the server told us it was a 30 minute wait we left uber confused. Thats when I realized we went to the cafe next door and so we went into the actual restaurant, and found the meetup. I ended up meeting so many wonderful people, and one of the followers I met was Jodie! I've actually been following her for ages as well, and have just never been able to meet since I was always out of town when she was here. But today was finally the day, and holy moly she was so much fun. Just so full of energy and not even one iota shy.

After cafe bliss we also all checked out this vegan chocolate place called Pure Lovin, and holy fuck it just smelt like buttery (vegan) chocolate heaven. There I stumbled across 3 lovely people who are now 3 new friends. They were Harley, Penelope, and Mackenzie and we just ended up talking for ages. But regretfully when 4 rolled around Chance rallied us up so we would make the 5 o clock ferry. When we parted ways, I felt like I was parting with old dear friends, where as in reality I've only met Chance once before this weekend, and I've never actually met Fannie until 2 days ago. But I can truly say she's one of the sweetest, light hearted, adventurous, wild (in a passionate vivacious way), and talented people out there. Her love for art has inspired me to start painting again when I get home, and to just create more in general.

The rest of the evening went swell. We caught the ferry, got back into Vancouver around 7, and there was my mamma waiting with tons of food for me. We made a detour in Delta to stop by one of her friends houses, but after that I came home, had some more oats then just passed out. This weekend just wore me out and tired my little heart out. But mostly, this weekend reawakened the inner child in me. It reminded me of how much potential there is to seize our everyday. It showed me that maybe adventure isn't about buying a plane ticket to the other side of the world. Maybe it's just about hopping in your car and driving one hour two hours three hours out of ur city out of your comfort zone. Just get out there and who knows you may stumble across some hidden gems right at your doorstep. I know I did. I've lived here in the Pacific Northwest all my life, and it's taken me 20 years to discover this wonder and this magic right here at home.