DAY 354

Coming home from that weekend to the monday morning reality was rough ahah. For starters it was just pretty miserable for most of the day today, and I spent the day doing 2 of my least fav things: driving, and driving in the city. So I started by having a skype meeting at 9, and then went to Commercial to have a coffee meeting with someone I'm going to be collaborating with (details to come hehe), and lastly went to the opposite side of town for a meeting with my accountant. We just discussed logistics, and some practical "adult" things that bore me miserably but it has to be done ahah. What saved me is Spotify. Even though I was driving most of the day, I got to jam out to all my fav tunes, which made my day oh so enjoyable! AND I got to see Jesse and Griff today, right after my errands finished, I got a footlong veggie sub from Subway, drove back to the city center, filled up my car with gas then met up with them at second beach. We decided to drive over to Granville Island since it's one of the most unique aspects of Vancouver, AND Jesse's never been either. So after struggling to find a park, we went to the public market where I made them try the Pho from Chau since it's seriously next level. We ended up staying there and chatting for ages and it was awesome just to catch up and here whats up and new with their lives. And eventually after dropping them back off at Stanley park, I raced home and just made a stupid amount of sweet potatoes and tofu to have with some greens as a quick dinner before...getting back into the car and driving my bro to the other side of town. I never wanna drive again after today ahha. My back aches like a mofo and a yoga session is desperately needed. But coming home to a chat with one of my fav people Lily, and an evening of reading my fav book was the perfect way to wind down and relax. Life's good and I have much to be grateful for.