DAY 336


Today was such an amazing day.

So first of all, I was reminded today of the bipolar nature of Vancouver weather. Rainy, then sunny, then rainy, the sunny. Man it just tugs at your emotional sanity haha. So my big brother and I went for a walk and just spent the morning together, and I loved it. We're both at the age where it's not like hanging out with your annoying sibling, but more like hanging out with a friend. He's truly such an intelligent amazing person. We talked about the future of grocery stores, artificial intelligence, a possible habitable planet in a different solar system, Tesla, music and so much more. I loved hearing his perspective on how he listens to music. He's a musician, so when he listens to songs he looks for songs with good chords, hooks, and rythms. He will hear something and describe it as a B flat chord, or something, where as I would just describe it as a tune ahah. And so for me, I love words. I love writing, poetry, reading etc, so when I listen to songs, I listen to the tune yes but only really the main melody. I dont hear the subtle nuances of every instrument and chord like David does, instead I focus on the words. Anyways, after getting home and taking a steaming hot shower, and eating some warming oats, my mom and I went to run some errands. BUT IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF RUNNING ERRANDS BECAUSE MY FRIEND KRISTINA JOINED US! So Kristina was like my sister in first year uni. She was in the same business school as me, and also lived on the SAME floor in university housing. We instantly became like best friends and she went vegan within like 2 months of being friends with me. ahah. But seriously she's the best person ever, always so full of life, energy and so so giving. Oh and btw, she's a varsity athlete for rowing and I swear she's going to go to the Olympics. I've never met a more hard working athlete. Like she's next level. We caught up on EVERYTHING. And it was literally non stop talking the whole day. She also said that after her athletic pursuits, she wants to open a vegan restaurant, and I told her I'd partner with her. AND she wants to live in San Fran, and this morning me and my bro were just talking about living in San Fran. 

Then she also mentioned that she'd tried Crossfit, which is something my bro and I were ALSO talking about today CRAZY ahahha.

But as for the actual errands, well, where to start. We went to the wierdest furniture store that my mom found somewhere, and later realized we got sold fake crystal vases when Kristina called her mom asking how to tell between real and fake. Long story short, our crystal didn't make musical sounds to us haah. But silver lining is, now we're all experts on crystals ahah. I also went to Lulu and got some goodies there to replace what I had lost/left on my travels. Then I came home and had a bunch of tree grown apples and pears from our neighbours yard, and then just made a huge beautiful salad with salsa and sauerkraut. 


And while I was busy editing, my mom whipped me up some brown rice, beans, corn, veggies, and peas. I ate it with salsa, ketchup and avocado. Then had some (5 oops lol) pieces of toast with sweet potato mash, jam and PB 2 powder (my new fav toast combo)