DAY 355

I went to a dance class today. Must have been my first class in 3 years and it was incredible. Not even because of the class itself but because it was with familiar faces of people that I had grown up with. My old dance studio: Dance Co, started doing these adult classes for those who have already graduated, and after coming today I will deffs be returning. The teacher who taught today was Megan, and I never actually had her as my teacher, but I've always known and loved her as one of the members of our Dance Co family. There's just nothing that can replace that warm feeling when you're surrounded by people who you grew up with and who you know and love so dearly. The rest of the day was Errands and adulting things eheh, and I did have another skype meeting, and I have confirmed that i'm allowed to talk about it publicly... so here goes... GUESS WHAT GUYS I'M GOING TO NEPAL TO DO EVEREST BASE CAMP. I'm going with Geckos Adventures, and they're bringing me on as a social media ambassador/story teller, so all my travel expenses are paid for, which is truly like my dream job. AH I can't wait, and I'll deffs do a video to share more of the details, but as of right now, I'm just starting to realize that I got a LOTTA prep to do, like stuff with my passport, packing, getting gear for my camera and myself, and so much more I don't even want to think about it. So all I'm going tonight is just watching a movie and giving my body and mind a break from "doing stuff" cuz sometimes you just gotta breathe and take it easy. :)