DAY 356

Today was all about saying no.


Last night I had one of the worst sleeps in ages, and I know it's because i've stretched myself too thin. This is what initially started my spiral into my ED years ago, so when I picked up on it, I made sure to course correct today. In many ways, I hate saying no. I hate saying no to friends, people who want my help, or even to paid opportunities. I always feel like I'm letting them down or dissapointing them. But I'm realizing that if by saying yes to everything I'm simultaneously neglecting my own health and happiness then the only person I'm dissapointing is myself. So today I regretfully but mindfully excused myself out of a few commitments and projects, and after doing so I felt a huge weight lift off of me. I was able to carry about my day with an extra spring in my step and get all the errands I had planned for today accomplished. PLAN: prepare for everest base camp is in ACTION!

When I visited my highschool cousellor today he asked me if I was training for it, I mean it's the first time I've really thought about that and I honestly have no clues. I mean I'm not summiting, just going to base camp.. I'm gonna assume No, since I've done shit all fitness these last few weeks ahahah, but who knows maybe that'll spur me into action and get me back into a regular routine of movement! heeh. 

So today was my reset and recallibrate day, and I feel so much better about EVERYTHING, and i'm ready to conquer these next few weeks. I swear my life has never been busier or more hectic, eeee, but its all exciting, productive stress so I'm okay with it :)


Good night everyone, and remember, sometimes saying No requires more strength than saying Yes. So if you're looking for permission to say no to certain things in your life that are counter productive to your goal of being happy and healthy, then take this blog post as permission. Say No. :)