DAY 359

So after yesterday's lazy day, I was back at it all day today woot. First took a little nature walk with my momma, being in nature and with my mom were both much needed. Then I went to Eliza's house to film a video for her and her siblings company: Livvy's bakery. They make oil free vegan cookies, and they are to die for. We filmed a hilarious recipe video for a vegan blizzard and just had the best time filming it.

Even though it was work, it honestly just felt like friends hanging out eating ice cream and cookies ahaha. Suffice it to say, it was a delicious few hours, and very productive. Then she sent me home with a goodie bag of 4 cookies, which I was supposed to share with my fam... yea I ate them all haahha. I've had so many cookeis today I can't even deal LOL. My fav was a london fog cookie, which just blew my mind. Tasted like vanilla earl grey gooey goodness. From there I went straight to my parents clinic to help them make some herbal capsules, I was doing it out of the goodness of my heart (lol nope jk they paid me to help ahha), and after an hour of breathing in herbal powder, and coughing it back out every few minutes, I finally got home and more importantly finally checked my email. And I just got an email that stopped me in my tracks. My state of mind at that precise moment was: adequately stressed, thinking about my to do list, thinking about my day tomorrow, planning out my next week's goals, and this email brought me back to me. And by that, I mean who I am, what I'm about, and why I wake up everyday. It was an email from a 13 year old girl who said my ebook saved her life. 

Truly the rest of the day was spent in a much different mindset, and although I was still constructing to do lists, and thinking about my plans, I was doing it with much more conviction and purpose, convinced that there was more behind my errands, and busy days, than just the tasks themselves. They're all to help facilitate my ability to better spread my message. And my message is simple. Love yourself, love the planet, and love others.