DAY 360


I realized today that I haven't really stopped to ponder the enormity of my next trip. Not only am I doing Everest Base Camp, something I never thought I'd do, but I'm doing it for free because I'm working with Gecko Adventures as an ambassador... like what?! I'm basically getting to travel for free, and all I'm doing is posting on social media what I'd normally do regardless because I'd want to share this amazing experience with my followers. And I stopped and reflected on something I used to say all the time: I wish I could just get to travel as my work. 

And now I'm literally doing that. I think that in the whirlwind that has been these last few weeks I haven't really even let that sink in. That everything I've been doing these last 3 years has lead to this amazing reality, and that when I was just taking pretty photos of food 3 years ago, I would NEVER have imagined that a little ole instagram account would take me so far, to all corners of the world, and to meeting so many amazing people. But it did require faith and trust. When others told me I should get a real job, or go back to school, I trusted that because I was doing something I loved and that I thought was bettering the world, that the universe would provide. And it has and did. But even beyond just my instagram, this opportunity is truly 20 years in the making. Every experience negative and positive, has gotten me to this point in my life. Every little hiccup and bump in the road has shaped and brought me to this moment right here, eating cereal in my kitchen in Vancouver BC. 


Thank you universe, and thank you world for being there and providing everything I will ever need. (mountains, cereal and love).