DAY 361


Today was a pretty fantabulous day. It was busy as ever, but right from the get go I was seeing the world in a lens of dogs, and flowers. And it's not that today was unusually dog and flower filled, but it's just that I chose to notice and actually see them instead of just glancing over them like I sometimes do. And as Jonathan Fields says: 

“A good life is not a place at which you arrive, it is a lens through which you see and create your world.”


Man I love that quote.


So besides the usual errands and some boring meetings, some other exciting events transpired today. I had amazing sushi, and seriously guys the sushi in Vancouver is next level, come just for that. And because the sushi place was right across from my High School, I bumped into a girl I used to know who was in grade 8 when I was graduating, and she told me that some of my fav teachers still talk about me and are so proud of what I've accomplished, and it just made me feel like I needed to see them and just say thank you to them again for everything they've done for me. So I went into my highschool, which was totally hilarious to walk the halls as an adult, and hunted down my fav teachers. So my all time fav teacher was my Social studies/ law teacher. He was not only just the most hilarious, sarcastic, easy going fun teacher, but he was also just such a kind and caring guy. When I was in grade 11, and going through all my struggles with family, and eventually my eating disorder, he not only noticed my decay in vibrancy and health, but constantly made sure I knew that he was there for me emotionally. Of course I was way too much in denial that I had an issue to accept the help, but just knowing that he cared warmed my heart. For some reason he just had this belief and faith in me that I would find my way, and man am I grateful for that. It truly felt like he was almost a father figure and role model to me in a time when I hated and distanced myself from my own father. So first I went to his room, and after knocking on his door, and seeing a very surprised teacher open the door, I gave him a huge hug, and we just sat down and chatted about everything. I caught him up on my life, and he told me all about what his kids were up to. During our chat, a few of his current students came in and out, and I started talking to some of them. They were all pretty intrigued to hear about what I "do" and I just kept emphasizing to them not to stress about what they want to do, and to DABBLE. To try different things, be creative, and not feel like they need to have their life planned out by 18. At the end of the lunch hour when I left, I thanked him once again for everything he's done for me, and he told me he still had the thank you letter I had written for him tucked away, and I just felt tears well up in my eyes. So I quickly hugged him again and excused myself. 

Next up was my high school counsellor. He as well was just an unbelievable support system for me my entire high school experience. Anything from family problems, to questions about AP classes, to my ED, he was there, and he never judged just sat and listened to me when I felt like no one else would listen. Also I'd like to mention that he's actually veg, and a cyclist, like WOAH. hahaha, anyways, while I was waiting for him to finish with a student he was helping, I met this grade 11 girl who was waiting for her counsellor, and we had a long chat, where I just tried to impart any of the wisdom I've gained these last 3 years with her. She was telling me about how her mom plans out her every second, and how she feels so lost because she doesn't know what to do. The vice principal (who I also loved, actually tbh I loved all my teachers, except for my foods teacher... ahah), was also there and chimed in. We both talked about how taking a left turn, and just feeling the freedom to explore and try new things is so OKAY. And after I got talking on a tangent, he told me I should email him so I could possibly help out some of the grads by giving a talk or holding an open Q&A ahah, and even though I'm crazy busy I would love nothing more than to do so and give back. And after realizing I was horribly late to meet Griff, I said my good byes and darted out of there to meet him. He's off to Boulder (one of my fav places in the world) in a few days, so it was great to see him before he jets off. I saw SO many dogs, and also got to run into my FAV dog breed in the world. But I always forget what they're called, and so when I bumped into that dog and her owner, I finally got to ask and learnt that they're called: Nova Scotian duck tolling retriever. I know Random AF name, do you blame me for not remembering?

haah. I also used my coupons to get Griff some of my fav cereal. I also stumbled across this gem of a store in Kerrisdale, an area I basically grew up in, but this store: Ole, is relatively new so I hadn't fully explored it. First of all, it had vegan gummies, ice cream, kombucha, juice elixirs, awesome sauces, cereal and everything else that I love ahah, and second of all, the most outgoing, hilarious Veggo employee works there. So his name's Bryan, and after finding out we were vegan he told us that he's vegetarian for the animals, and was vegan for 6 months because he thinks the dairy industry is awful (which it is), but couldn't give up cheese. But he said he's trying to get back to vegan! WOOT. He showed us these sesame crepes that they sell, and omg it was such a blast from the past. They're an asian treat and I used to eat them daily. I also made Griff buy some maple butter before he leaves Canada, cuz come on, Canada = maple. I mean its our flippin flag ahha. But around 2:30 I jetted off to make my chiro appointment, and holy F, it was amazing. It made me realize how much I had taken Jens (my chiropractor friend from Adelaide) for granted. He adjusted me, and my back felt a million times looser and better. Man I love chiropractors, I need to marry one I swear. The rest of the day was mostly working on editing, answering emails, and other adult responsibilities, but I did make some homemade granola which was just perfection. And that was my day in a nut shell. And what a wonderous nut shell it was :P