DAY 362

Went into the woods today for some much needed time with my fav things: trees. I met up with 2 of my friends from UBC who are both varsity rowers and VEGAN how cool eh? And they took me for an easy 40 min jog in the beautiful trails in the endowment lands. It was their afternoon workout and just hearing them talk about their training was so inspiring to me to just push myself athletically more. I haven't been training much (at all) and going for a run in the fresh autumn air and being with them reminded me why I love moving my body. Also something funny that happened was, while Leah and I were waiting for Kristina we walked to their erg room to grab Leah's runners, and one of the rowers who was there told me I looked like this girl who was friends with a YouTuber BONNY Rebecca! HOW FUNNY AHAH, I said that that was actually me and Leah and I had a good laugh about it. Besides that wonderful run with my friends, I also realized the enormity of my packing list for Everest base camp and started ordering extra batteries, SD cards etc for my cameras. Besides the gear and clothing the main issue besides the weather is going to be the lack of consistent power for me to charge all my devices, so now that I've ordered everything I think I'll need to combat that, I just need to get a whole heap of layers and rain/ hiking gear. Oh and BARS I'll need tons of cliff and vega bars 😊 but besides bars for snacks the food that the tea houses serve along the trek are all super vegan friendly. They all have porridge, veggie noodles and Dahl. So much Dahl and rice which is fine by me 🤗.

Also after getting home, I skyped Bonny and man was it good to just catch up and hear her voice. I missed so many things about her and Tim, like him constantly asking her where his things are, or the sound of her grinding cardamom seeds for her rice flakes ahah. And after a beautiful dinner at home, I went for a walk with my mom before hitting bed. Twas a good day.