DAY 363

GUYS I'm realizing Everest Base Camp is quickly approaching, and I havent trained at all for it. lol, so anyways, this morning I went on a jog around my neighbourhood in the crisp cool autumn air. But man was it a gorgeous day. And after getting home and running all my errands, I met up with Emma from Zimt Chocolates (the most bomb ass vegan raw chocolate company) at Bump n Grind. We got some chocolate chip cookies, and she brought me some chocolate caramels that she's testing out and thinking of putting into production. The texture of the caramel just melted in my mouth is was so smooth like velvet haha. And after catching up, I realized hilariously that Emma is the reason I'm going to Everest and the reason I even stumbled across Geckos. She posted on Facebook about this collab she was doing with another Vancouver Food reporter, and tagged intrepid travels, and mentioned how they were big on responsible travel. That was how I stumbled across them and why I emailed them commending their efforts towards responsible travel. And Geckos, is the sister company of Intrepid. Anyways, its just so funny how one thing can lead to another. AND the only reason I know Emma, is because she was actually a graduate of Sauder (the business school I went to), and she came to do a talk for one of my business classes when I was in uni, and since I was sitting in the front row (I was and always will be a keener :P) she could see me, and she actually recognized me from the crowd as @happyandhealthy96 haha. And from there we started hanging out, and she started supplying me with so much vegan chocolate. Which meant I was having chocolate for breakfast often, since that's the only time I can have chocolate lol. She told me all about her business plans and projects. Her current focus is finding and acquiring a warehouse for her own manufacturing facility. HOW COOL! 

I also went to chiro today which is always lovely hehe. Any vegan chiropractors out there I can marry? ahha.

But besides that, my day was mostly eating, editing, and driving around running errands. 


Life is swell.