DAY 338

It's another overcast chilly morning here in Vancouver, BUT i'm getting used to it and starting to love it. So I started my morning by going to a stretch class just to get back into the routine of stretching again, and later on hopefully some running. Then I ate some peanut butter and jam sandwiches that I had brought while wandering the shops trying to find a non leather wallet/ pouch to replace my broken one. Didn't end up finding one... but I did find another gem. So I walked into a store here called TNA, and almost didn't since I was pretty darn sure they wouldn't have any, but while I was just wandering around the back of the store I hear a voice shout out: Steph?! 

And turns out it was my friend from Highschool Claire! She's the floor manager at the store and I honestly havent seen her in YEARS! And she is just as sweet as I remembered, and guess what... BOTH HER AND HER MOM ARE VEGAN! and have been for like under a year! How awesome is that?! And because there's a vegan potluck going on tonight, I invited her to go with me. Then I came home and spent the rest of the day going around the city with my mom buying groceries, running errands, eating baked sweet potatoes and peanut butter, and just spending the day together. By the time 4 o clock rolled around, the sun also came back out which was a wonderful surprise. Vancouver weather is so bipolar haah. Then it was time for.. THE POTLUCK. I brought a whole huge bag full of home grown apples from my neighbours garden, and around 4:30 Claire and her mom came over and picked me up. They brought over the most amazing vegan cupcakes from Edible Flours and it was so tempting not to eat them before we even got there. This was their first vegan potluck and after all they kept saying was: everyone was so nice I couldn't believe it.


ahahah, I'm pretty sure thats how I felt after my first one too lol. or: omg this food is all so good.


Then I spent the rest of the day with my lil bro and my mamma <3. I loved just going around the city with them, talking shit, taking a trip down memory lane, and being in their company. My little brother got a hair cut and looks very smashing now. Then my mom and I hung out at Granville island perusing the Artisan shops, and eating food from their public market. I got some fresh nectarines, bread, AND this amazing vegan muffin that tasted like carrot cake. Then we found this local stand that sold amazing chocolate covered almonds, and these fruit gummies that were both vegan! It was delish! Then we just sat outside in the sun listening to this guy play beautiful soft guitar music. We came home, I feasted on black ramen noodles, ate a whole bag of pistachios, and finished the chocolate crisp things we bought, which I shouldn't have because of the caffeine in chocolate, but they were so darn good I couldn't help it ahah.